May 202008

I think that a mistake we erotica writers make is that we forget how saturated our readers are with porn. Readers have a basic level of erotic comprehension that far surpasses the readers of just ten years ago. Readers know about swingers, bondage, submission, polyamory and exhibitionism. Although there will always be a crop of readers, both young and old, who will be experiencing their first Coming-of-Slave story, a growing majority of readers will become bored as they read such basic level erotica.

Erotica needs more second level porn. That is a tricky concept in itself. I am not referring to more extreme porn, or highly fetishized porn. The world doesn’t need more pierced tattooed erotica bragging about how on the edge it is. What I am suggesting is more porn that takes advantage of the reader’s level of comprehension.

A lot of porn spends it’s time introducing erotic concepts to readers as if the reader just escaped from a Mormon commune. There is no need for that anymore. We can produce stories that ask the next question- Can a newly trained slave find happiness when her master lends her to his swinger brother? Can a lifelong exhibitionist control herself when she moves in with her two very introverted lovers? Can a breath play masturbator and his escape bondage painslut make their relationship work?

Those are extreme examples but you know, they are not outside the scope of the average reader’s knowledge. As erotica writers, it is time we move from educating people about kink and start applying what we know to make more enriching stories. We can bring our readers, and ourselves out of the ‘See Jane Fuck’ level of readership and into some modern day erotic classics.

  3 Responses to “Advanced Erotica”

  1. Altought I didn’t have more than 200 readers when I was an active writer-blogger, the stories that seem to be the most “appreciated” where the one that the reader could imagine me and him or her in it, with just a little kink, a little oumph. I think many are tired of reading, dreaming but never being able to experience.

  2. Julie- I really think most bloggers get their start as writers by being their own porn character. It opens up the channels of communication by starting with something intimate and simple: An erotic story between reader and writer. I think a lot of bloggers never lose that idea of themselves as porn character. Heck, I’m still divided over whether it’s necessary for success.

  3. Personally, I like those “new toy” types of stories. Yeah, I’ve written well past them, but it really sets the tone to start that fall into a lust for spanking, bondage, or submission. :)

    For my short stories, I’ve sometimes just dove right into the middle, but most of them are introductions because those turns me on the most, when it is new to someone involved.

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