Apr 142008

You have your plot laid out. You have your characters fleshed out and they are chattering non stop in your head. Now all you have to do is write the long story. That is so much easier said then done.

This is the breaking point for most writers. Stories die in infancy with barely a chapter written. Grand designs slow down until all is left is bitterness and e-mails from readers asking for the next part. This is where your story has the greatest chance of failure because odds are it will never be finished.

Now, I don’t have a cure for writer’s block. If I did, I would have marketed it and bought my own island by now. Instead of a gimmicky cure, I want to teach you what I beleive is the fundamentals necessary for a long story to be written.


You have to be excited. You have to love your story. You have to be obsessed with it. Your friends need to be jealous of your story because you rather spend time with it then them. You have to fucking love what you are writing.

A lot of my friends have created stories they knew were good and original but in the end they never finished them. Why? Because once the charm of the novelty faded, they realized they needed to crank out even more pages. They fell out of love with their story and that is the kiss of death.

Writing is work. Figuring out plot problems and writing difficult chapters can be a pain in the ass. Writing takes up time could be spending in City of Heroes or fucking people. If you don’t love your story then you don’t prioritize your story.

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