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In the long story writing process, extra credit doesn’t have a linear place. Ideally you are doing extra credit from the very beginning. On the other hand, some of the best extra credit I have done is in the rewriting process. The goal of this lesson is to get you thinking about extra credit at every part of the process.

What is extra credit? It is anything you add to your story that makes it better. It can be a neat gimmick, how you pace your story or some sort of innovative presentation. You have already determined what the story is going to be about, this is an emphasis on how you tell it.

The first thing I want you to consider is your medium. Back in the day, i was limited to presenting my stories in txt files. With a blog as my medium, I can really cut loose. I can add images. I can add video. I can make links to lead the reader to other parts. Think about how you want your story to be read. Think about how you want your chapters listed in the sidebar. Get your mindset out of thinking about books and use your blog potential for all it’s worth.

Another thing to think about is pacing. I think the greatest secret to any kind of writing but especially sex writing is the use of cliffhangers. There are a million blogs out there and you need to keep your long story on your readers’ minds. Sometimes you can do this with a story long mystery but the easiest way to do it is to always have a question at the end of your chapter that the reader wants answered. Sometimes it is a hint of what is to come and sometimes it is a mindfuck that leaves the reader wondering what just happened.

DO NOT INTERRUPT A SEX SCENE FOR YOUR CLIFFHANGER. When was the last time you had your sex interrupted and you were happy about it? Don’t do it to your readers.

Use images but be a good person and credit the images you use. Better yet, make your own. Consider one image that you use for all of your story parts as a sort of brand identifier. Don’t fill your story with lots of random porn images because that is just tacky. Think of images as enhancers, not content in themselves.

Finally, have fun. If you come up with an idea that makes you smile, go for it. make e-cards for your story. Make fake blogger profiles for your characters. Do whatever amuses you and odds are you’ll amuse others.

I could fill this page with more extra credit ideas but I’ll hold back. The point of extra credit is to upgrade your story through personal innovation. What is a good idea for me might not be for you. Look at the other mediums you enjoy and see how you can wrap them into your story.

That concludes my lessons about how to make a long story. I hope that you feel comfortable making that sexy novella that has been percolating in your head. I firmly beleive that every person has one really good long sex story inside them. Sex is something that was meant to be shared, so get working and share your lengthy masterpieces with the world.

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  1. Thank you so much for this course of lessons!!!

  2. Yes, many thanks from me, too. This was just what I needed right now!


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