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‘Bitch in Heat’ is an erotic comic series that I keep coming back to. Considering that it started around 1997, that’s a pretty nice achievement. I read a lot of erotic comics in the late 90’s. Most of them were European because quite frankly, they have a fearlessness that we can learn from in our porn making. I might flip through my collection once a year but ‘Bitch in Heat’ is something I always go back to when I knew to kick start my erotic writing mind.

Written and illustrated by Giavanna Casotto, and published by Eros Comix, every issues has several self contained stories with a wide range of plots. Sex acts range from bondage, to blackmail, to domination, to threesomes to role playing.

To me the strongest draw to this series is the fact that the protagonist is the same brunette woman in every story. She might be a maid in one story and a rich lawyer in the next, but she is always there. She is physically based on Giavanna, and normally I would say something snarky about writer’s egos, but for this medium, it really works. It creates the illusion that you are following a favorite actress in another porn movie. As watchers of porn, hell, as watchers of television, we are conditioned to follow favorite actors no matter what they do. People don’t stop watching Harrison Ford because he is no longer Han Solo. They follow him and are predisposed to like his brand new character at the moment.

It works the same way with this female character. I would make the argument that it makes the BDSM elements even more enjoyable. It is a little hard to feel sorry for the victimized teacher when three pages ago you watched the bitch terrorize her doctor coworker in another story. It creates a cyclic feel of nothing is permanent. She’s not always the victim, which makes when she is all the more special.

The other reason I keep coming back to these 11 year old comics is that they capture the range of stories you can do in porn. Many of them have ironic endings while other stories end with a a simple joke. Some of dark stories of betrayal while others are more slapstick farce. Although bondage and voyeurism are common themes, the stories touch on damn near everything after awhile. That’s good. Too many writers focus on niche interests, repeating them over and over like a polished act. ‘Bitch in Heat’ however is a sort of erotic fiction primer. If you are a starting erotica writer, picking up an issue will show you how one person handles many themes. It’s porn 101 which I have to say, is not as easily available as you may think.

Finally, I really enjoy the art. Black and white is an under appreciated medium in erotica. There is a playfulness that manages to not cross over into camp. On the other hand there are images that are just vulgar but the black and white transform a close up pussy shot into something exotic. Every issue is just beautiful.

Go to Eros Comix and order yourself some already. At $3.50 an issue, you can’t go wrong.

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  1. Looks really good – I’ll be sure to keep an eye out :)

    xx Dee

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