Mar 262008

I can’t beleive I have not posted about this yet. Back at Dragon*con 2007, I came across this fantastic artist. Satyr was a concept artist who’s work I recognized without ever putting a name to his work. I was flipping through his portfolio shaking my head as I saw image after image that I had admired over the years.

He was offering to do commissions and I knew I wanted something out of him. So did just about every one else there. In the twenties minutes that I had been admiring his work, about a dozen people came up with their laptops to get a commission. See, he draws wonderful sketches of people’s Worlds of Warcraft characters. You may snicker, but in the short time I saw him, he was swamped with people who fucking loved this guy. He was their God and they could not stop praising him.

I bring this up because Satyr could not have been any more humble and cool to deal with. I have seen and met some artists who you can tell derive their power from their ego. I have seen minor artists with a smidgen of fame go mad with power. Satyr was a fucking rock star in the Dragon*con art area and he was more humble than he had any right to be.

We chatted for awhile and I told him to do something like the female out of Metropolis. He kept trying to get details out of me but I was pretty vague. As a writer, I feel creativity is something works best in the wild. When I pay for a commission, I try to limit myself as much as possible so that the artist can fill up the empty space with their imagination. I think my exact words were something like this-

Metropolis world
Pinup model robot girl
Big breasts would be nice

Now let me tell you something else. This guy wrote my request down in this fat notebook. I am an obsessive note taker but Satyr’s book was an ass-kicker. That thing was thicker than my fist and it was crammed with commission orders. In the time we were talking, I think two other people submitted their requests. I am saying the guy was slammed with work. I didn’t expect to see my piece till next Dragon*con.

I got an e-mail three weeks later with a preliminary sketch. Four weeks after that, I got the finished art. Damn. That guy rocks.

Click on the picture for giant size glory.

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  1. It’s amazing what artists can do. I asked mamabliss to do my cover for my novel that I’m republishing (on my site, I have a contest for it too) and I got the sketch on Monday and less than a week letter, I had this GORGEOUS colored cover that looks amazing.

    I also have a friend who drops 5k/year for comissions and it’s amazing to see how they respond to him; everyone seems to know him when he goes to GenCon and AnthroCon.

    And a very yummy picture that is.

  2. Speaking of DragonCon, you available for the obligatory “Buy the skilled author a drink” next DC?

  3. t’sade- I am tempted to make a list of favorite characters of mine and then get my favorite artists to draw them. It might get hideously expensive but it might be nice to have six versions of Otto Von Madd, the Island Princess and Amaya.

    None- That would be cool. As it approaches I’ll post a reminder in case people want to see what a sex writer in a thundercats t-shirt looks like.

  4. If you do, I would recommend Mamabliss as one of them. I like them a lot, they don’t charge nearly enough for their commissions, and they did a FANTASTIC job of redoing the cover for The Mummy’s Girl which should be republished by the end of next month *squee*.

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