Mar 192008

The way this month is going I shouldn’t have worried about not having enough fresh material for posts. Creative people who have influenced me are dying left and right and I am getting a little depressed about it. Steve Gerber, Dave Stevens, Gary Gygax and now, Arthur C Clarke. In fact, let me say this:

Creative people stop dying!!!!

Arthur C. Clarke was a big inspiration to me and that may surprise some of you. As a teenager, I read 2001 and I was struck by how believable the artificial intelligence,HAL 9000, was. I mean, I loved R2-D2 but even my naive young self knew that the droid was a character and was designed by movie makers. HAL 9000 felt like he was designed by programmers. His actions and his responses felt like anticipated responses. This fascinated me and was one of my first steps to thinking about how I think. It also got me started on taking basic programming classes in High School which taught me tons about critical thought and preparation.

Hey, remember when science fiction got you interested in real science instead of interested in thirty years of convoluted continuity and hot actresses?

  3 Responses to “R.I.P. Arthur C Clarke”

  1. *hugs* I totally agree- the intelligent and creative people have to stop dying (it increases the proportion of stupid people in the world!)

  2. I hadn’t heard that Dave Stevens had died. Crap! Only 52 at that.

    I know what you mean about creative people dying. It kind of seems to come in waves. Not like one a month, but nobody for a while, and you think everyone lives forever, then Blam! A bunch of your favorites all at once. And Gerber and Stevens weren’t all that old. At least Clarke lived a damn long time.

    Gerber’s final story will be published (by DC). I forget what he was working on, but he dictated it from his hospital bed.

  3. don’t worry.stupid people are dying at a slightly faster rate than the creative people. i have an equation illustrating it somewhere…..

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