Mar 242008

So what did you go this Easter?

  8 Responses to “Monday Kink Recovery”

  1. Nothing that good looking or that fun looking. Looks like a great weekend for you; hopefully you found all the eggs.

  2. My fiance and I went to Paddles in NYC and had a great time. :) This time I was the Dom.

  3. Family, strep throat… great combination – excuse to keep my mouth shut! lol

    BTW, you’ve been tagged! :)

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic time :) Funnily enough, I played with bondage tape too (not the pretty purple though – black and red is all I have)!

    xx Dee

  5. I love the easter egg, pastel purple tape. Very festive!


  6. Oh, Dee and Shon- how well/does that bondage tape work?

  7. Funny how the days AFTER a holiday is busy as fuck.

    This tape actually came from a crafts store. I was surprised by how well it pulled off. It was actually better than most bondage tape I use.

    I have a friend who swears by electrical tape as an alternative but I think this tape works better.

  8. Jaenelle, I’m in the process of trying out both bondage ribbon and bondage tape, with a view to doing a ‘Comparitive Study’ (ie: fun post) about them in the near future. But for the most part? It’s so much fun to use!

    xx Dee

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