Mar 182008

I am currently writing a nice little four part story that I will post as a week long event in the near future. After a maddening five attempts at writing the first chapter I am now enjoying the story. I swear, I have not had this much trouble starting a story in ages. It’s funny that I spend a week plotting out the story but spared apparently twenty seconds on how to start the damn thing.

The curse of blogging is that the larger the project you are working on, the less creativity you have on filling the blog with content in the meantime. Blogging is a brutal pace, demanding new content three to five times a week. While I am tying together five characters into a cohesive narrative, I really don’t want to stop and polish up a witty post that has nothing to do with my real passion. When I get into long story mode, writing short posts is like masturbating when I could be fucking a hot Island Princess.

I wish I could post an image of an hour glass so that when people come by they can see the hour glass and go “Oh, he’s still writing.” An hour glass isn’t too sexy though. I need an image that Shon’s busy making hot stuff. What to use, what to use . . .

How about Pam Grier taking a shower? Does that work?

This scene is from Friday Foster, which is a fantastic movie by the way. Carl Weathers plays one a great relentless assassin who can’t seem to catch a damn break when it comes to one lovely photographer. This movie taught me the valuable lesson that “A pimp doesn’t lose track of his stable.” This movie also features ‘the black Howard Hughes’, a 10 year old hustler who steals from his sister’s gifts, Eartha Kitt playing a crazed fashion designer and a stereotypical black gay man from the 70’s.

  5 Responses to “Erotica Alert Level: Slow Steady Blue”

  1. nice image…. suckable nipples…. hmmm

  2. This movie taught me the valuable lesson that “A pimp doesn’t lose track of his stable.”


    Excellent information.


  3. Oops – I meant to put your quote in quotes. Didn’t mean to plagiarize. Or whatever.


  4. Jaenelle- A Pam Grier shower scene is like winning the movie lottery.

    Eve- Thats cool. I should mention the pimp was played by The Love Boat’s Isaac. It was kind of surreal.

  5. How about a bound female inside of the hour glass? Doesn’t really matter since you are working on your next juicy story. I’m wet just thinking about it

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