Mar 142008

D-day is here. I go down to the divorce court for my hearing and get my official ruling on my marital status.

I of course am crazy anxious. I don’t fear any outcome in particular as much as I am just terrified in general. I want it to be over. I want to have it done off screen. I want to be able to think straight. I just have to make it through today.

One of the nice surprises I had this morning was a lot of new reference hits from live journal. They are all landing on my new Dungeon Mistress story which is pretty cool. When I came up with the story I wasn’t sure if people would respond to it but people seem to like a little sex with their Dungeons and Dragons.

I want to welcome all new readers and assure you that after my court date today, I will be far less whiney. Though in a weird way I am not sure what I will be like after today. I spent 14 years in a codependent relationship. I have spent the last three months outside that relationship but I am still learning how to be a person. In so many ways, this divorce is just a formality but in some very serious legal ways it is the start of a new life.

I wish it was tomorrow already.

  7 Responses to “Divorce Court”

  1. *hugs* Just take a deep breath.

    A little sex in D&D is a good thing. Even when your druid gets teased for hooking up with a drow contact or your friend’s wizard has a high sexual drive and hits on anything that isn’t pureblood suel human, the further from pureblood the more active and kinkier the sex he considers (the suel are for courting properly before other desires take over). [I’m the only DM he mentions it to, so I think it’s because he likes to tweak me]

  2. Sex is D&D is a great thing. RPG sex is just fun. We had one character who was cheap, he fell in love with two sisters but he refused to buy more than a one person tent. So, I teased him constantly about one of them falling out; despite that, I even gave him a Spot check to notice monsters sneaking up as he was trying to crawl back into his overcrowded tent.

    Or the Shadowrun game that started as a private session about Fluffy, the rigger, getting it on with the tow truck driving dwarf and the troll rigger which ended up turning into a real life getting it on. Who needs dice when you can roll a clit?

    Before you head to court, remember your Charm Person scroll.

  3. DH did the D&D thing… through college, even, I think. I never did, so I don’t get it…

    But I wanted to say, I’ve been where you are, in terms of the divorce thing… this, too, will pass. I promise.

  4. I was the one who linked to you from Livejournal. You write excellent erotica, and I wanted to share the good stuff.

    I’m sorry about your divorce, and which I had something to say to make it better, but nothing comes to mind.

  5. I know nothing whatsoever about Dungeons & Dragons except that I have an affinity for both. ;)

    hugs and more hugs,


  6. Co-dependency is a difficult thing. Especially when facilitated by either/both parties.

    I wish you godspeed on this part of your life, that it may finish quickly and peacefully. A new journey with less codependency, LOTS’O’SEX and dominance!

  7. Jaenelle- It just reminds me that my D&D characters had so much sex before I ever did. Sigh.

    t’sade- Man, I had zero percent success with charming anyone in the divorce process. Wow, those were some grumpy people.

    Selena- Thanks. I am so wanting it to pass.

    David- Thanks a bunch. I have to say that seeing all the new reader hits was a nice pre-divorce gift.

    Musns- Thanks, my sex drive just dropped with all this stress. Hopefully it’ll get back into order.
    Eve- I’ll take more hugs.

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