Mar 042008

Gary Gygax is dead.


Dungeons and Dragons was a key element to taking all of my creativity and making coherent stories. It was also a gateway into a hobby of gaming I still enjoy to this day.

I want to tell a short story about how pervasive role playing games are. Recently I shared a board game with some of my bdsm community friends. It’s called ‘Betrayal of House on the Hill’, and it’s a Hell of a game. I hadn’t played it in a while and me explaining the rules to people who don’t usually play these kinds of games was rather painful. There was a Hell of a learning curve and we both struggled.

Near the end of the game, one woman who was more known for her spankable ass than her dice slinging had to play the monster. I was a bit worried. The woman kept saying the game was too complicated, that she didn’t understand all the dice rolls we were doing or what the character stats meant. She was not the most confused player that night but she was pretty darn confused. I kept telling myself it was my own damn fault for trying to play with non-gamers but we made the best of it.

The Monster was narrowly defeated and the woman almost pouted. “What? There’s no saving throws or anything?”

I looked at her. “I am tempted to give you one just for knowing what a saving throw is. I mean, saving throws? You acted like you have never played anything before.”

She shrugged. Apparently admitting how much you like threesomes and ass-whippings is more acceptable than admitting you once slinged dice.

Do not mourn for Gary’s passing. He’ll roll up another character and be back with us before we know it.

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  1. You and your game linkages are bad for my pocket book!

    A girl friend and I were talking about how female gamers tend to be catty towards other female gamers (we’ve swapped off to Serenity rpg for the time being). Don’t ask the relevance, it’s what popped into my head when I read the it’s okay to admit liking threesomes and ass-whippings but not to slinging dice. … maybe it was the pouting…

  2. As a female that plays Myst, and a former player of D&D I resent that commnet about slinging dice, Gimmes are for whimps. Shon I will always be a fan of yours however…

  3. Musns- I love female gamers. The chances of the party being completely stupid dwindles down from 80% to 5% if there is one girl in the party. It’s amazing.

    mermaid- Ah, my offer of a saving throw was given in the hopes of teasing out more admittance of gamer knowledge. Rest assure that the saving throw would have involved a natural 20 circumstance.

    Man, I want to visit the Keep on the Borderlands tonight.

  4. Hi- I’m a gamer. My first D&D game was back in the early 90s. I’ve gone through other rpg systems in between, and I’m back to playing D&D under the Living Greyhawk/RPGA umbrella (they’re killing my campaign with 4e *pout*).

    I think part of the reason that it’s easier to admit to a bunch of stuff before rolling the dice is that even 30 years after D&D was first published it’s still seen as a geeky boy thing that a girl only does when her boyfriend dragged her to enough games to prove her existence to his friends. [Which was not the case for me- I got in a game where a bunch of my BBS friends were starting. Wait, that was also unusual- a girl my age in the late 80s-early 90s being on the BBSes in the first place…]

    I go to gaming cons with over 50 players in the LG group alone and am one of maybe 5-6 women playing, and one of 2-3 that habitually run sessions.

    There are games that do attract a significant number of women- primarily White Wolf Vampire LARPs. You get to dress up (usually a girly trait) and play vampires who are typically considered more sexy than a human paladin who got reincarnated into a halfling (man, that -2 to my strength cuts into my damage output).

    Also, with platform and computer games, it’s getting easier to get women into gaming, but the paper and table games are still thought of as being solidly in geek boy territory.

    PS- Betrayal at House on the Hill is a neat game.

  5. Please tell me you’ve seen “The Gamers” – best portrayl of table top gamers I’ve seen.

    We watch it frequently just for the giggles.

  6. Are you freaking kidding me now? First I had to be jealous over the stories because I was not part of something like that and now I have to be sad I am missing out on some group games? Damn it I sometimes reading your blogs Shon. Damn you and damn the sleeplessness after and damn my friend for showing you to me in the first place. GRRRRRRR!


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