Feb 132008

Never ever ever get a Capitol One credit card because they insist on charging you late fees for not paying fraudulent charges that they themselves admit are fraudulent. Yes, they have removed the charges but they want my girlfriend to pay an extra fee for being late with the payment for charges that she never made.

Never ever use Bellsouth telephone services because they will shut down your phone within an hour of telling you that everything is okay and peachy. My phone was shut because i ran up a long distance bill of over 50$ without submitting a copy of my driver’s license and social security card, as well as a written statement from my landlord that I live where I am. After I called and complained that I was not going to harass my landlord, they agreed that this was an excessive request and I didn’t need to do it. The next week they shut my phone down and said I needed to fax my personal id. In other words, they lessened their invasive demands and are holding my phone, which has a zero balance on it, hostage.

I am suffering these two idiots today so you don’t have to. Seek other services.

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