Feb 012008

Slap slap the round ass
Smack smack smack willing bottoms
Spank spank spank spank fuck

  7 Responses to “Spanking”

  1. Excellent poem,
    Oh Erotiterrorist,
    Now to spank my Girl.

    I might note that the word verification that google has given me is “bumcit”, something my Girl won’t be able to do soon, I think.

  2. If one person gets spanked because of me, then it has been a good day :)

  3. Lovely haiku, Shon. Appropriate form for the topic. Short, yet powerful.



  4. In response to Sir’s comments…

    I can ALWAYS sit down. Just sometimes its a bit more painful than others.

  5. Eve- Thank you. I am finding poetry almost works better than fiction for some kinks.

    Girl- That is very true.

  6. Me me me me me!

  7. Musns- Okay okay okay :)

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