Feb 272008

Monday I somehow offended the Sinus Gods. Their vengeance is both terrible and snotty. I spent yesterday in a dark room chugging sinus medicine and trying not to move.

You have to be careful during this period. Ideas inspired by sinus medicine and pain seem like genius when you think of them. Island Princess versus the Snot Monster! Ex-Wife Swapping! Haunted Massage Parlors! I actually started writing notes for these stories but once the sinus pressure stops squeezing your brain, common sense kicks in. I think we are all better off by me putting those notes away in a dark, dark box.

Instead of a story, I will give me my own personal to-read list.

Six Days of Halloween are six sexy scary stories. Hey look, alliteration.

Submission and Metaphor is a new blog started by a friend of mine. Go take a peak and show a newbie some love.

Jay Geldhof has an art blog that caught my eye. Be sure to click on the Gallery link on the side to see more of his work. I am in love with his ‘Spade’ illustration and find myself wanting to do stories based on her.

I’m going to go back to bed and try not to think of really bad story ideas.

  5 Responses to “Revenge of the Sinus Gods”

  1. Thanks for this list… great new blog, scary stories, stuff to look at, I’m in heaven! :)

    Feel better… try some echinachea… might shorten your sick time…

  2. I hope you feel better soon. I liked the 6 Halloween stories

  3. Shon, I hope you feel better soon. I’ve about had it with this winter, and have suffered through my fair share of sinus woes. They are vengeful, spiteful deities.

    I also hope you enjoy those stories – while they may not quite fit your want of fantasy and sci-fi erotica, I see the bright side of it; at least it’s not fan fiction.


  4. I saw the title and instantly thought, wow, this ought to be an interesting bit…and it’s not a story, it’s your poor sinus’. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. hey, you!

    it’s totally unfair that you can be so funny when you’re feeling so awful. please think twice before you toss out those stories – the possibilities are much too enticing, especially for someone who herself tends to be pretty snotty. and now i’m visualizing some sort of ex-wife swap meet (ok, an ex-SPOUSE swap meet)… worn folding tables with the merchandise spread out and offered at bargain prices. just because we can’t use them doesn’t mean someone else might not want them.

    and. thank you so much for sending people over to look at my exercise in self-indulgence. i was wondering why all these people were suddenly finding their way to me from you. you’re absolutely one of my favorite writers, and a referral from you means a lot.

    for the sinuses i recommend homemade chicken soup alternated with some very spicy food.

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