Feb 222008

So I had this long intelligent post about the nature of games and erotica and how the two are connected. It was such a long rambling post that two story ideas spun out of it and now I think if I pre-discuss it, the stories will lose their impact.

It’s kind of like writing a discussion about how giant animals are stand ins for a writer’s ego and then then writing King Kong.

So instead I am going to give you a link that will consume your entire weekend. Ready?

Play This Thing is a blog that reviews mostly free games you should play. Today’s post is about a game you shouldn’t play but trust me, you want to play the other 324 games listed here. They range from board games, to role-playing games to computer games. The computer games were my favorite part as they feature games made by independent studios who rather have fun with their game than a high blood polygon count. Their demos are free and if you like them, spring for the affordable prices and support some great game makers.

The games I am currently hooked on include FastCrawl, where a randomly generated party takes on a randomly generated dungeon and the game wraps up within half an hour. I swore I would never play another dungeon game again and I am hooked on this.

I also love Aquaria. This simple game is really beautiful. It may just be the most gorgeous and most soothing game I have played.

Iron Dukes is a wacky game about steampunk underwater treasure diving and pirate fighting. It is the kind of game a young Dr. Otto Von Madd would play.

Have fun.

  4 Responses to “I Like To Play Games”

  1. I like Play This Thing. Though, it keeps adding more and more games on to my list of things I want to be doing instead of those that I should be doing.

    And I started commenting on most of the game I play.

    The ones I really like: Art of Theft, Aquaria, Transcendence, and Knytt Stories. Oh, and Meritous, but I got personally involved with that one a bit with some work on the technical side (help porting it to Linux).

    Games are very distracting, you know. :)

    Doesn’t help that I’m trying to write one.

  2. I find that I miss the ease of a turn based game. It’s not that I am so old and my reflexes suck as much as I am busy and want to just play for ten minutes and be able to walk away. I think the gaming industry made a huge mistake by moving completely into real time.

    I am debating learning how to write an interactive text game. The idea of doing a choose-your-own adventure version of something like cell phone slave fascinates me.

  3. I have to agree, for the most part, I prefer turn-based games where you can get… um distracted by a naked woman pressing up against your body and don’t worry about being turned around and your legs spread apart (happens every couple days in my house) without losing a character (which also happens a lot).

    Most of the games I do write (which haven’t showed up there yet) are turn-based because of that exact thing. Though I have a few friends asking me to write a decent sex game.

    Writing IF is actually a lot of fun. It requires a bit of logical thought, but you can make some really neat things out of it. I’ve done some minor little sex machines using scripting languages (every couple turns, it would do something naughty to you with a mini-plot).

  4. “I am debating learning how to write an interactive text game. The idea of doing a choose-your-own adventure version of something like cell phone slave fascinates me.”


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