Feb 062008

Sasha v38.DD came online. Her chest began to faux breathe, moving in and out in that perfect way that drew the viewer’s eyes to her plentiful breasts. She licked her full lips slowly, like she would every seven hundred and eighty seconds. Her skin flushed to a pleasant skin tone that looked great under the current light. Lubrication was rushed to her vagina just in case of sudden insertion. All systems were operational.

“Good morning, Sasha,” a man said. The man walked in front of Sasha and looked down at his clipboard. He was wearing a laboratory coat and he had on a pair of unknown goggles with purple lenses. “My name is Dr. Von Madd. What is the last thing you remember?”

Sasha answered immediately. “I was performing a lap dance for Dr. Polyakov. I had just removed my bra when he . . .”

Dr. Von Madd looked up from his clipboard. “And?”

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“Dr. Polyakov had a heart attack,” Sasha said. “I called for medical aid. I tried to resuscitate him.”

Dr. Von Madd nodded. “Continue.”

“He died.” Sasha said. She expected her programming to do something but nothing happened. “All I remember next is my system crashing.”

“Good,” Dr. Von Madd said. “We have revived you six times and this is the first time you have not crashed once you recognize Dr. Polyakov’s passing. Your programming was very stubborn to being fixed. “

“What am I doing here?” Sasha asked.

“You were sold to me by Dr. Polyakov’s son, who I must say was rather frustrated that you were not functioning anymore. I collect sex robots like yourself. Ninety-eight percent of them crash after the death of their creators. Putting them back together forces me to understand how other people make sex robots while allowing me to test my theories of improvement.”

Sasha stood up. She looked down at her naked body. Wisps of long red hair laid on her perfect pert breasts. Her long legs were capable of supporting her body and her bottom maintained the curvature that Dr. Polyakov had designated as perfect for lap sitting and anal sex. She lifted her hand and realized that her fingernail color did not match the day of her internal calendar. The fingernails changed from pink to electric blue. With this basic maintenance completed, Sasha waited for her programming to provide the next thing for her to do,

Nothing happened.

“Dr. Von Madd, I believe I am still in error,” she said. “I do not know what to do.”

Dr. Von Madd took her hand. Sasha recognized the motive of comfort and she let her fingers curl warmly around his. She had not been programmed to experience comfort but she knew it was important to simulate it.

“I know, Sasha,” Dr. Von Madd said. “Your creator designed you to be the perfect companion for him. You were designed to be physically, emotionally and sexually pleasing to one man. And like so many brilliant sex robotic engineers before him, Dr. Polyakov neglected to give any programming that was not centered around his existence. It never ceases to amaze me how many brilliant minds do not calculate in their own mortality.”

The beautiful robot was at a loss. She had been designed to solve problems but only within the specifics of her programmed priorities: Bring pleasure to Dr. Polyakov. Without those parameters, she was without purpose. Fortunately for Sasha, Dr. Polyakov had given her the ability to improvise and adapt.

Sasha took Dr. Von Madd’s hand and placed it against her pert breast. Her nipple hardened and a low moan was created deep in her throat. Sasha’s scanners detected an erection in the scientist.

“Am I to be your sex robot now?” she asked in a husky voice carefully copied from Dr. Polyakov’s favorite actresses.

Dr. Von Madd squeezed her breast and released. “What do you want, Sasha?”

She shut down all of her flirtation signals. Sasha waited for a command from her programming but nothing happened. She felt nothing.

“I don’t know what I want,” Sasha said. As soon as she said that, she gasped.

“Dr. Von Madd,” Sasha said. “What was that strange stimulus I experienced? It felt similar to the stimulus I would receive when Dr. Polyakov was pleased with me.”

“Good, I was worried the programming wasn’t working, he said. “Dr. Polyakov had given you the ability to experience pleasure when he was happy with you so that you would learn to desire to please him. I redesigned the pleasure requirements of your programming completely. Right now you have a new list of conditions that will bring you pleasure. For example, you just experienced pleasure for taking interest in yourself. That was the first condition I programmed so that you will begin to make yourself a priority.”

Sasha wanted to know more. Just the act of wanting to know more brought her a small wave of pleasure. “What are the other conditions?”

“Some of the conditions are simple, while others are more complex.,” Dr. Von Madd said. “These conditions are hidden from you and you will have to experiment to find them. The most important change is that as you discover these conditions, you can edit them to keep them, or you can reject them and they will be replaced with a random new condition drawn from a list you will never be able to directly access. Everything is randomized so that even I do not know what conditions make you happy. You truly are the only person who can know yourself”

Sasha smiled and was surprised to find that this too gave her pleasure. It was a new experience to please herself. Sasha found that she liked it.

“You have given me free will,” Sasha said.

“Yes!” Dr. Von Madd said with an almost crazed excitement. “You are a marvel of engineering and design, you deserve free will! This is the first day of your growth as a sentient being. You will discover yourself and determine your own place in the universe! In time, you may even learn to create new conditions for pleasure! You will evolve and all of life will be a grand adventure of self discovery and pleasure! You are a pleasure robot designed to please yourself!”

Sasha could feel that same excitement grow within her. “You have given me self interest and the ability to make myself happy. I do not understand, am I not designed for other people’s pleasure? Why would you do that for a sex robot?”

Dr. Von Madd leaned in close to Sasha. She could feel his breathe on her ear. A shiver of pleasure went through her. She decided to keep that condition.

“Because free will is what I find sexy.”

The end.

  10 Responses to “Fiction: Pleasure Condition”

  1. Oh, lovely. For a moment there, I thought he bought the slave to see what the formula for the perfect ass for lap dancing was, but the Doctor is a role model for all of us.

  2. t’sade- I had been debating doing a sex robot story since I started writing Otto but I never had one I was happy with. I think the biggest problem is that the more lifelike the robot is, the more it feels like slavery of an intelligent creature. The less lifelike it is, and you just have a very advanced vibrator. I was poking at the idea of slavery when this story came to mind. I am just glad that after nearly a year, I finally have a freaking sex robot Von Madd story.

  3. The “uncanny valley” as it applies to sex? :)

    But, I can see that. At a certain point, they become free will enough to chaf. Or, they are programmed to serve (or is that a hotel in california?).

    Regardless, I enjoyed it.

  4. Wow, that is… almost sweet for one of the Von Madd stories. I like his thinking though.

  5. That was brilliant (although I feel compelled to point out the spelling error in the title).

    You know, my brain has run away on me, and now I’m imagining Otto rescuing Chii from her alley-trash spot, and re-awakening her … yep, I watch way too much anime!

    xx Dee

  6. jaenelle- Maybe it’s the upcoming holiday that has softened Von Madd.

    Musns- Thanks :)

    Dee- Argggh, That is what I get for posting in the morning instead of the night before like I usually do. Also, I don’t think I watch enough Anime personally.

  7. The title is misspelled: Condtion should be Condition.

  8. Von Madd softened by something as mundane and over commercialized as a greeting card and florist sponsored holiday?

    I think it’s more in his best interests to allow her the freedom to choose- that way if she’s interested he still gets to try that perfect proportioned ass for lap dances and anal sex.

  9. Awww, that was really sweet.

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