Feb 152008

Yesterday I received my divorce paperwork from the courthouse. On Valentine’s Day. I have a date to appear in court and even more paperwork to go in the big black folder.

It didn’t bother me too much to get this on a romantic holiday except for the fact that I think Fate needs a new writer because that was a pretty cheesy coincidence.

I didn’t tell my wife because it would bother her, which is just one more little nice thing I do to protect her feelings that she will never know about. That actually bothers me more. I want credit damn it. Instead she’ll keep going thinking I did nothing for her. Uggh. I need to get over that and let it go.

  5 Responses to “Court Valentine”

  1. Heh, you get the “fuck you” from the court system yesterday. Same day, one of my lovers (the one who sent me a spanking story of yours a couple of years ago which is how/when I looked for more of your stuff and found this blog), got a result on his stress test and we now have to find out why his physical heart is telling him “fuck you”.

    I did end up having a great dinner with my fiance, but it was still an interesting day.

  2. I got my “your divorce has been entered into the records” paperwork on Christmas Eve back when it happened.

    By the way, Shon, I wanted to say: good for you for keeping up the writing and stuff while going through this. Selfishly of course it means I have more fun smut to read :) But I bet the creative outlet is good for you in the long run too.

  3. Jaenelle- Sorry to hear that. I hope everything turns out well with his heart.

    fraterrisus- Thanks. I think at this point in my life I have to keep writing to prove to myself that I am alive. I’m just glad everyone is enjoying my current output.

  4. I thought it was nice coincidence.

  5. it’s all a question of how you write the metaphor.

    the divorce is the gift from that giant red cupid cutout that freed you to enjoy true lust and true love.

    cupid is facing forwards, not back.

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