Jan 062008

So my very special lady mentioned in passing that it was hard for her to find garter belts of women of her size. I too that as a personal challenge and went online looking. It’s the Internet right? It has everything.

That everything does not seem to include size 42w garter belts. That strikes me as a bit insane. It’s 2008! I would think by now that every article of sexy lingerie has been reproduced for every size. Isn’t there like a legal fund for this?

Another question I have is metal snaps. I have found that any garter belt that does have metal snaps is terribly proud of having metal snaps but they don’t exactly say why they are so important. Could someone explain the importance of this feature?

These are the days I am tempted to take up sewing in order to make my own.

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  1. Metal snaps just grab better. That means less chance of a garter coming unhooked from the nylons.

    Good luck finding a belt for your special lady.

  2. Try this, nice plus size collection: http://www.lovedreamer.com/

  3. i have a few plus sized links on my page that might have some as well

  4. Ditto on the holding better, and for a longer time. Most garter belts have the ridiculous plastic garter grips (the rubber buttons with the hook that never actually sits right for long term use) that *maybe* stay on for 5 minutes of very careful walking.

    Also, if you can find ones with 6 garters instead of the (unfortunately) common 4 garters, they will be a lot more stable and comfortable as well, especially if you’re intending her to wear them for longer than 10 minutes.

    Not that I have an opinion or something. *wink*

    Hips and Curves has some garter belts. Also just look under “plus size lingerie” in a search engine and you might get more hits.

  5. not to mention that the plastic ones then to break far too easily for my taste. i don’t know if it is any help or not, but i also take a far small measurment garter belt than i do other lingerie…simply because a garter belt too loose, isn’t really a big help in “holding up” those hose.

  6. Thank you everyone. I appreciate every bit of advice and every link :)

  7. I have to agree, the plastic buttony thing just doesn’t work great with garter belts.

    Finding any kind of decent lingerie in bigger sizes is difficult…and pricey.

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