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Once upon a time there was a very special island. What made this island so special wasn’t the very majestic Island King. Nor was it the very strange and wicked Island Witch. It wasn’t even the endless number of beautiful pearls located in Oyster Bay though it did make everyone on the island very rich.

What made this island special was that this island was the home of the Island Princess, the most beautiful woman in the entire world. The Island Princess had beautiful black hair more luscious than the thickest jungle. Her skin was the color of golden tea. Her breasts were riper than the largest coconuts. Her legs were as long as a lazy summer day. Her lips were redder than island cherries. There never was an Island Princess as beautiful as her and many feel the world could not bear another as beautiful again.

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One warm summer night, the Island Princess felt a stirring between her tanned thighs. The moon was high in the sky, though in these days, the moon shone rather dimly. The entire Island was covered in a faint light and this awoke a heat in the Island Princess’s body. Her hips had to move, her shoulders needed to shift and her neck couldn’t stop swaying to a music she couldn’t hear but she could certainly feel.

She had to dance.

Island law forbade women from dancing at night for reasons long forgotten. This did not discourage the Island Princess for this young woman was a rather willful creature. She snuck away from the palace and crept away to the highest mountain on the island. Being a small island, this only took a few hours. It was around midnight when the Island Princess reached the highest summit far away from any spying eyes that would report her to her father.

The Island Princess danced. Round hips gyrated in circles. Long legs kicked out from her grass skirt. Creamy brown breasts bounced within her tight cloth girdle. The braid of her long black hair swung and swayed, held back only by the red hair band that was her birthright.

On and on she danced till she noticed that the moonlight was a little bit brighter. She could almost feel the heat on her golden tanned skin. The Island Princess felt like the moonlight was kissing her skin and this just made her want to dance faster. She kept dancing and she noticed that the moon seemed bigger and fuller than she have ever seen before.

“If I was some ignorant Island wench, I would think the moon was enjoying my dancing,” she said.

“I am” the Moon answered back in a booming voice.

The Island Princess stopped. Her heart raced. She was frightened but then she remembered that she was a princess. She lifted her chin in the arrogant manner of her father and spoke very clearly to the celestial body.

“It is impolite to spy on a woman of royalty,” she said.

“My apologies,” the Moon said. “But could you please keep dancing? I am very lonely here in the sky and you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

Well, flattery always worked on the Island Princess.

“I shall,” she said. As she began to dance, the Moon spoke again.

“And can you take off your hair band so I can see your hair; free and wonderful?”

The Island Princess was shocked. “Absolutely not! Only common washwomen let a man who is not her husband see her without her headband!”

She was so offended that the Island Princess turned around and stomped down the side of the mountain. She stomped the entire way through the jungle and she was still stomping when she returned to the palace. The Island Princess stomped to her bed and went to sleep. As she slept, her feet stomped her sheets in royal annoyance.

Now the very next night, a terrible thing happened. The Moon didn’t come out at all. It stayed hidden and the poor Island was plunged into darkness. The animals made strange noises in the jungle and the Island People had terrible nightmares. Everyone was quite concerned except for the Island Princess who knew what it looks like when a man sulks.

The next night the Moon did not return.

On the third night, the Moon was still missing.

On the fourth night, the Island People started to whisper and complain. They blamed the Island King for not fixing the problem. There was talk of maybe sacrificing the Island King to the night sky. Some of the more wild whispers even discussed starting a democracy.

When the Island Princess heard her maids discussing how to form a legislature, the Island Princess knew she had to do something. She snuck away back into the jungle. In the pitch darkness, she stumbled up the mountain till she had returned to the summit. Once there, she sighed and took off her headband.

On the highest mountain, the Island Princess danced with her hair down. Long black hair few around her face and body like shimmering veil. She danced as hard as she could, as fast as she could and as sensuous as she knew how in an effort to please the Moon.

A tiny crescent of the Moon appeared in the night sky.

“Are you happy now?” the Island Princess asked.

“Yes,” the Moon boomed. “Now can you take off your girdle?”

The Island Princess stopped dancing. “Absolutely not!” she said. “Only common tavern maids take off their girdles!”

The Island Princess was so outraged that she left the mountain right away. Through the dim moonlight she walked through the jungle and snuck back into her bedroom. She could see the silver crescent of the Moon through her window as she went to sleep. The Island Princess figured that she had done enough and the simple people of the island would be happy.

The next day she found they were not happy at all. Now the Island People were afraid that it wasn’t the Moon in the sky at all but some sort of nasty sky shark. There was talk about how many knives does it take to sacrifice an Island King and some were asking how many judges do you need to form a balanced court system. The Island Princess knew what she had to do.

That night, the Island Princess went back up the mountain. She took off her red hair band. She took off her royal girdle and showed her beautiful brown breasts to the night sky. Her breasts were large and pert with the vitality of youth. The Island Princess ran a fingernail over dark brown nipples the color of caramel and knew the Moon would want to take a lick to see if they were as sweet as they looked.

Then she danced. Once again the long black hair formed a veil around her body but this time the treasures of her chest were in full display. Free of the girdle, her breasts bounced, jiggled, wobbled and shook in all their glorious beauty. She jumped as high as her long legs would let her and sent her skirt flying high around her thighs.

In time, half of the moon came out to shine on her. The Island Princess smiled and called out to the Moon.

“Are you happy now?” she asked.

“Yes!” the Moon boomed. “Now can you take off your skirt?”

The Island Princess stopped dancing. She was about to say something about how only whores allow a man to see a woman without her skirt but she thought about the long walk to the palace. She thought about how stubborn men can be and how they are never happy till they get what they want. She thought about how fast the Island People are when it comes to trying new ideas and she had no desire to see them write up a Constitution whatever that was.

“Fine!” she yelled. She took off her skirt and threw it to the side.

The Island Princess danced again. Naked and beautiful, she danced the greatest dance of her life. Her hair snaked around her body, floating about her in the night air. Full ripe breasts bounced and collided with each other. Long thin legs kicked indecently high while naked buttocks clenched and jumped.

She looked up at the sky and saw that the moon was now three quarters full.

“What more do you want?” the Island Princess called out.

“Lay down!” the Moon boomed.

The Island Princess kept dancing. Her heart raced from the sound of the Moon’s need.

“Lay down!” the Moon thundered.

“Why?” the Island Princess asked, knowing full well why.

“Because you are the most beautiful Princess in the whole world,” the Moon said. “Because no woman dances as wonderful as you. Because your hair, breasts, legs and bottom drive me mad with passion. Because I am so lonely and you are so perfect.”

The Island Princess looked up at the sky and yes, the Moon was full again. Better yet, it was brighter than it had ever been before. The Island Princess felt a new heat take her over as she realized that she alone could make the Moon so full and bright.

“Okay,” she said and laid down on her back.

A beam of moonlight fell between her thighs and the Island Princess cried out. It was a solid touch she felt against her sex and it was a solid touch that pushed inside her and entered her on the mountain top. The shaft of moonlight penetrated her and the Island Princess had never felt such a more celestial sense of fullness.

The Island Princess began to dance again. She lifted her hips and opened her legs even wider. Slowly she danced on the Moon’s shaft, using all the same skill and hip movement that she used when she was on her feet. When her breasts bounced this time it was from the gasps of her breath. Her long black hair lay around her like a sheet of silk.

Up and down she danced on the Moon’s beam. The Moon grew brighter and brighter. The Island Princess cried out louder and louder. The night sky grew brighter as the Moon made love to the Island Princess. The animals of the jungle grew quiet as the Island Princess made love to the Moon.

The Island Princess climaxed, crying out so loud that it woke the Island King as he slept in the palace. Her body shuddered and her fingers clenched around nipples the color of caramel.

When she opened her eyes she saw that the Moon had come too. Shooting stars filled the sky, racing and flying in all directions to splash down into the ocean. The beam of light was gone between her thighs but the Moon stayed high in sky, brighter than it had ever been before.

Sated, the Moon stayed that bright for ever and ever. Sometimes the Moon would fade, but as it thought about the beautiful Island Princess, it would slowly grow full again till it climaxed again purely from the memory. On and on it did this because when you make love to the Island Princess, you sure as Hell remember it.

As for the Island Princess, she walked slowly back to the palace on unsteady legs. Her father, the Island King, was declared the greatest Island King that had ever lived and the Island People who suggested having a democracy were put on a leaky canoe and exiled from the Island.

The Island Princess still dances, and it is the most wonderful dance in the world.

The end.

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  1. Mostly a lurker, but wanted to say I’m so happy you’re still writing. Dancing with an island princess is unforgettable, like so many of your stories! m~

  2. Thanks Chelley. Let me just say that I am really happy I’m still writing. It was touch and go there for a few days :)

  3. Oh, a lovely, light-hearted story. Plus, the stories of celestial gods and their desire for humans always bring a smile to my lips.

  4. That was very lovely.

  5. t’sade- Thank you. I had forgotten how mood-lifting light hearted stories can be.

    Musns- Thanks :)

  6. Such a lovely story. Now, I wonder if the princess and the moon will be angry if she has to marry a human to do that whole extend the line of the human royalty thing. *giggle*

  7. Jaenelle- It makes me wonder what calamity would occur if the Moon was a jealous type.

  8. That was very nice. Very sweet

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