Jan 042008

Donna Howman knew something was wrong as soon as she opened her eyes. The laboratory issued alarm clock told her the time was 8:24, a good two hours after she was supposed to wake up. The Von Madd Laboratory ran on a strict schedule and even though Donna was technically a computer administrator and not a scientist, she wasn’t exempt from the timetable. She had overslept and who knew what strange punishment the insane Dr. Von Madd would insist on.

She didn’t have long to speculate. The door to her dormitory room kicked open with a BANG! Two people clad in black leather and buckles stormed into her room. Paddles, handcuffs and other fearsome toys dangled from their belts. Both of them were wearing helmets that covered their faces with a reflective mirror surface. One had the unmistakable curves of a very busty woman while the other had the hard body of a man. The two rushed over to Donna’s bed and each grabbed a handful of her brown hair as they dragged her out of bed and onto the floor.

“Who are you?” Donna yelled. She tried to cover her small breasts with her hands but both of her assailants grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back. Cold steel clamped around her wrists, locking her hands behind her back.

“We’re Human Resources,” the male said.

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“Oh shit,” Donna said. She heard stories about the heartless department. “Look, I’m sorry I overslept! My alarm must not be working.”

The female yanked Donna’s head back. “Von Madd equipment is tested regularly for performance and reliability! You, apparently are not.”

Before Donna could respond, the two Human Resources agents dragged her off the floor and pushed her against her dormitory dresser. Gloved hands yanked down her pajamas and her panties.

“Donna Howman, do you know the punishment for tardiness?” the male asked her.

“No sir!” Donna answered, though considering that she worked for a sexual research laboratory and had to fill out a rather libertine work contract, she had a damn good suspicion what it was.

The two HR agents pulled hard plastic paddles from their belts. Yep, that was Donna’s guess.

Gloved hands grabbed her head and forced it down onto the top of the dresser. She was forced to bend over at an unnatural angle while hard boots kicked her feet further apart. Her small breasts pressed against the cold dresser and her nipples hardened, though not from the cold.

A paddle came down on her ass, hard and merciless. As soon as it moved away, another paddle came down, smacking the same spot but with far more force. The two HR agents were on either side of her, taking turns smacking her bottom. Back and forth the paddles swung, covering entire bottom with cruel blows. The gloved hands kept her head pinned down as the paddles fell like hail on her ass.

Donna had never been paddled like this before. Once, a lover had spanked her with light hearted slaps that was too afraid to really give her a sting. This was completely different. This was a complete ass punishment. This was violent and relentless. This was so fucking hot, just like she read about in porn.

It hurt.

It aroused her.

It made her scream.

It made her wet.

The paddling stopped. Her head was yanked back up again.

“Learned your lesson?” the man asked her. She looked at the mirrored helmet and saw herself. She was surprised by the glow on her face. Donna knew she should answer yes, but she was half tempted to say no.

“She hasn’t learned anything,” the woman said. Donna cried out as gloved fingers invaded her cunt. Straight into her sex they went, pushing easily into her wet sex.

“Oh, a pervert!” the male HR agent said. “Take her to the bed.”

Donna’s legs went weak but the two easily dragged her back to her bed. Her head was spinning. Was this really happening? All this just for sleeping in?

They tossed her on her back. She cried out as her spanked ass made contact with the bed. Donna cried out again as the woman climbed on to the bed and grabbed Donna’s ankles. She straightened Donna’s legs upward and pulled them apart. Donna’s sex was exposed to the male HR agent who unzipped his pants. Out flopped his cock through the zippered opening, hard and frightfully long.

“Fuck,” Donna gasped.

The woman holding her legs laughed. The man said nothing. He just grunted as stepped up and entered Donna. Inch after inch slid into her until he was completely buried in her. Donna could see her own moaning face in the man’s mirrored helmet.

He fucked her. Gloved hands encompassed her small breasts and squeezed them painfully hard. His cock slammed into her, punishing, abusing and delighting her cunt. There were no soft caresses or soothing words. There was only the fucking.

The female agent squatted down on Donna’s face. Donna was surprised to see the woman’s pants were already unzipped and open. How long had they been like that? Donna barely had time to react before the agent’s cunt descended onto Donna’s mouth. She didn’t need to be told what to do. She opened her lips to open the agent’s nether lips. She used her tongue did the best she could while the HR agent rode her face.

The Human Resource agents used Donna like only Human Resources could. The man fucked her cunt while the woman fucked her face. Hard, impersonal and with a complete disregard for Donna’s wishes, they exploited her body. There seemed to be a never ending thrusting into her cunt and a never ending amount of pussy to be eaten.

Donna forgot about being a computer administrator. She forgot about over sleeping and she forgot about her family and friends. She forgot about something else that she couldn’t quite put her finger on but that was okay. Donna was a vessel for fucking and she found that she liked that feeling very much.

The HR agent on her face climaxed and Donna knew by the tight squeeze of thighs around her head. The HR agent fucking her cunt climaxed and Donna knew by the warm flood of cum that filled her body. Donna herself had climaxed several times but right now her whole body felt like an orgasm. She was only dimly aware of the two agents pulling away from her and leaving her alone on the bed.

Something soft landed on her thigh. It was an envelope. The Human Resource agents just stood there in their black leather and faceless helmets. Confused, Donna picked up the envelope and opened it. Inside was a card.

Happy Birthday from Dr. Otto Von Madd and the Human Resources Department!”

“Holy shit!” Donna yelled. She found the strength to sit up. “I forgot it was my birthday today!”

The HR agents zipped up their pants. “Human Resources never forget,” the man said.

“It’s our job to make your experiences here always memorable and pleasant,” the woman said. “According to your psyche profile, Dr. Von Madd recommended this as your ideal birthday experience.”

The man added in, “As well as time to sleep in and have the rest of the day off. Please enjoy your birthday, and if there is anything Human Resources can do to make your birthday better, please say so.”

Donna smiled and spread her legs.

“Can we do that again?”

  13 Responses to “Fiction: Human Resources”

  1. I knew working for myself had it’s drawbacks, but I never realized what I’ve been really missing.

    Human Resources indeed!

    Great story, Shon.


  2. I’m in human resources (among other things), but I never got to do that to anyone. *whimper* I wanna do that. Now, to find a mad scientist again.

  3. Eve- The upside to working for yourself is you can never be fired for masturbating at work.

    t’sade- But you still get the faceless helmet, right?

  4. And the EZ unzip uniform. But, uniforms get me hot under the collar, almost as much as business suits.

  5. This was my favorite comment, “The Human Resource agents used Donna like only Human Resources could” until this one came along, “Donna was a vessel for fucking and she found that she liked that feeling very much.”

    …cries, I want to be a vessel for fucking…

  6. Oh my – all your Von Madd stories are great, but this was superlative. Scarily enough, I’m now enthusiastic about going back to work, whether erroneously or not!

    xx Dee

  7. Damn! Is Von Mad accepting any applications. I am suddenly under the impression that I am not working in the right place.

  8. Intense spanking, hot fuking, delicious pussy and sleeping in – my birthday wish come true!
    Thank you, Shon,
    D.H. (aka Valerie)

  9. Musns- I think we all cry to be a vessel for fucking.

    Dee- I think workplaces should post this story in their offices to increase productivity.

    Omoizele- The Von Madd application involves intimate measurements and very vigorous interviewing. Expect Human Resources to be knocking down your door at any moment.

    Valerie- Happy Birthday! I hope you accept this story as a small token of my birthday wishes for you.

  10. cool story as always

  11. Oh my, not one gorgeous story but two (the lovely passionate, sweet mystical princess and the moon tale) – Reading both and feeling the contrast and reactions that I experienced are just simple testimonies to your talent. If ever worried that you think you’ve lost your spark over the last few weeks, rest assured it hasn’t disappeared anywhere. :)

    Great stories as ever, now if only I could find me a HR department like that…

  12. oops… I just realized that I used my partners (Omoizele) account to comment on your blog… I think he may be a little surprised when his door is knocked down my the HR department. Maybe he’ll put in a good word for me once the shock has worn off.

  13. Red velvet- Thank you as always :)

    Mystique- It was a really great feeling to have back to back ideas like this. It was reaffirming to me about my writing.

    Isabel-lol, now that would be an interesting story.

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