Dec 142007

I love my friends. Some of them ask if I have written anything this week. They are not greedy, they just think it is a healthy sign that I am getting better. They want to know that I am still writing and that everything will be okay. The fact that it has been less than a week doesn’t seem to sink in because it is so surreal.

Of course I haven’t written anything yet.

But I have some ideas. I have one story banging around but I’m not writing it because it is really sad. I don’t want to be that blogger. You know the one, who undergoes a terrible life change and then starts writing stories about characters who go through the same life change and shit plays out. Christ, you’re my readers, not my therapists.

I want to write something funny. I want to write something with a lot of action. I want to write a summer movie with big explosions and bigger breasts. I want to write amazing sex with even more amazing dialogue. I want to go blow your fucking socks off.

So we’ll see what happens this weekend. This weekend I get the rest of my stuff. I get boxes and boxes of memories and coping mechanisms. I’ll get stuff that was either bought for me by my wife, or bought by me trying to make myself happy in a unhappy marriage. Bleh, I am not looking forward to that.

That cheap meaningless light story is looking more and more attractive.

  7 Responses to “Written Anything?”

  1. I say write the story. That doesn’t mean you have to post it. Writing is a therapy in itself. If it’s banging around in your head then maybe it’s something that needs to be let out. And let go of.


  2. I agree with Eve. Write it, you don’t have to post it. Besides writing is an inexpensive form of therapy.


  3. I’ll go ahead and disagree with eve and musns. No, not to say you shouldn’t write the story. I mean you should also post it.

    We may not be your therapists, but we are here in part because the stories you write are stories you write. It’s part of the allure of blogs too – the most interesting ones are those that give a glimpse of the author even if s/he writes about a relatively narrow topic. (Not to say yours doesn’t; just to say that blogs work best if you don’t self-censor inconsistently.)

    I agree with you that it would be unbecoming if you were to “start writing stories” like that, but I don’t see anything wrong if you “write a story” like that. And honestly, I’m not worried that you might make that a habit. You seem too driven to seek out freshness in your storytelling to ever let that happen.

  4. i had to laugh at your description of what you want to write – which was also a VERY good piece of writing, you know. great rhythm to it.

    but please don’t dismiss the sad story. you’re a real writer, Shon, even your light stuff uses what is inside you – your sexy side, your geeky side, your funny side, and your hurting side. the story about Hannah, which had me in tears episode after episode, while leaving big wet spots in my pink panties… it was powerful and sexy and very sad. it was real.

    so if that story is forming and pushing to get out – write it. and share it with us. we read you because we want to hear what you have to say.


  5. First I read this:

    Christ, you’re my readers, not my therapists.

    And thought:

    And yet… What else are friends for? A lil venting, vetching and even retching are not just theraputic, but sometimes the stuff of the best stories.

    Then I read this:

    I want to write a summer movie with big explosions and bigger breasts.

    And thought:

    OK, scratch that first bit and give me the tits :p

  6. Write the story and post it! Write the story and post it!

    Seriously, a lot of the great artists and writers throughout history have written their absolute best work while extremely depressed. If you don’t write that sad story it will be lost to history, and us.

  7. i agree with eyes. furthermore, i disagree that an alternative story you might write would be meaningless. all of your stories so far have meant a great deal to me, and clearly your other fans feel the same.

    perhaps you could write them simultaneously- when the sad story gets to be too much, take a break.

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