Dec 072007

Matthew checked the woman’s ass. It was like touching a hot plate. The hour of flogging, spanking and whipping has made the woman’s ass a crimson delight of heat, welts and tenderness. The woman squirmed when he touched her but the spanking bench’s restraints held her tight. The gag in her mouth stopped any protests but that was okay, she consented to everything in advance which is just how Matthew liked it.

He tried to remember the woman’s name and failed. It was just too damn hard to keep track of all these names. He felt like it started with a hard ‘K’ sound. Karen? Kathy?

“Is she ready?” Jason asked.

Matthew looked at his older brother. “I’d say so.” Matthew tried to act cool as he gripped the woman’s plump ass. Was her name Kelly?

Jason was acting just as nonchalant. He toyed with the paddle he had just used on the woman. “So, which end do you want to fuck?”

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Matthew looked at his paddle as if the choice didn’t matter to him either. “I was thinking about fucking her ass.” He was also thinking the name might be Kitty?

The bound woman moaned in delight or apprehension. They couldn’t tell which. They really didn’t care.

Jason shook his head. “Brother of mine, I think I’m going to have to call you out on that.”

Matthew kept looking at his paddle. “You sure? She has a pretty mouth. I’ll take the ass and you can fuck those plump red lips.” Katherine?

Jason laughed. “You’ve been reading too much porn. Plump red lips?”

Matthew laughed. “Okay, you’re right. That was a bit too much. But you know, I didn’t spend an hour whooping her ass just to fuck her mouth.”

Jason nodded. “That’s how I feel too.”

This conversation was one they have had a hundred times. It started back with their high school crush, Tina Stratford, and continued through college, and into their adult lives when they started going to BDSM clubs. The brothers don’t mind fucking a woman at the same time, but they have very strong opinions about which end they prefer and they just hate sloppy seconds.

“Dragon tails?” Matthew asked.

Jason nodded. “I’ll get the stickers.”

Five minutes later, the bound woman had twelve colorful stickers on her ass. They were bright yellow and green letters arranged in a circle on her bottom. B-B-O-O-T-T-T-T-O-O-M-M.

Fifteen feet away, Jason and Matthew uncoiled their dragon tails. The whips were made of rough leather and had a strange cut that resulted in the fabric forming a spiral when at rest. They looked neat but were a bitch to actually aim. This made it perfect for their purposes.

Jason snapped his first, striking the bound woman’s exposed ass but missing the letter, ‘B’.

“Fucker, we hadn’t decided who goes first,” Matthew said.

“I just did,” Jason said. Only brothers could get away with being this unfair when a woman’s ass is on the line.

“Fucker,” Matthew said again. He snapped his dragon tail and hit his letter perfectly. The sticker was obliterated by the speeding leather.

“You small dick asshole,” Jason sad.

Matthew smiled and snapped again. This time he was off by a few inches as his dragon tail landed on the woman’s bare ass. Even through the woman’s gag they could hear her scream.

Jason snapped his dragon tail while the woman was still squirming. He struck his letter this time perfectly.

“Show off,” Matthew said.

“Yep,” Jason said as he snapped again. The leather uncoiled and whipped off the ‘O’.

This time the woman arched up as much as her restraints would allow and Jason waited. She stayed like that for a minute before she collapsed back into the bench. That’s when Jason tried again and missed.

“I had to make sure your bench would hold,” Jason said. It was an old insult.

“Dog humper,” Matthew said without much conviction. “I don’t go bitching about the quality of your leatherwork,” he lied. “If you think you can do a better job building benches, then you build the next one.”

Jason said nothing. The fact that Matthew missed was all he cared about.

Around the woman’s ass they went. Crack after crack of leather landed on her bottom and there were more hits than misses. The brothers had good aim, the kind you only get from years of practice and an asshole to compete against. They never lacked for targets in the clubs and jealous doms were convinced that they weren’t even really brothers. They could have any woman’s ass, but they didn’t do it for the pussy. What really mattered was which brother was better. Something like that makes it personal.

It came down to the last letter.

Jason missed.

Matthew missed.

The woman shook as she realized how soon she was about to be fucked at both ends.

Jason missed.

Matthew hit.

The woman screamed and climaxed at the same time.

“”Fuckstain,” Jason said. He wasn’t angry. He wasn’t even that disappointed because the woman did have pretty lips. These things came in cycles. Today he lost, tomorrow he might win. If the contest hadn’t been close, then there would have been an issue.

“ Christine!” Matthew said. “That’s the woman’s name! That was driving me up the wall!”

Jason shook his head and tossed Matthew a condom. “Brother, you worry about the dumbest things.”

Matthew took the condom. The woman’s ass was decorated in multiple welts. Jason was right. What did names matter when there was a victory ass fucking to be had?

The end.

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  1. Oh, absolutely lovely. I love the competition aspect of it, not to mention a fierce desire to be the one on the bench. Plus, they way they treat her…

    Oh… gonna cool down. :)

  2. t’sade- I spent forever measuring how much of the woman I wanted in the story. I’m glad you liked the way I finally did it.

    Musns- Thanks :)

  3. 12 letters, not 10. The stupidest things distract me. Nice story though.

  4. Anonymous- Arggg, that’s what I get for changing the word :) Thanks.

  5. Good story. :) I’d love to be on the bench.

    My question is what was the word that had 12 letters? :)

  6. What an interesting aspect …. love the brotherly competition!

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