Dec 052007

I wrote most of a story lately. It is almost finished except of course for the part where I like it. I have to tweak it a bit and figure out what essential piece will connect the story I wrote to the story that was in my head that I was so happy about.

What is interesting to me and I apologize to you wonderful readers because I have turned this into a Track-My-Anxiety blog, is that although I am no longer scared shitless by the world, I still have all this crazy adrenaline. I’m excited. I’m terribly excited to the point that when I sat down to write my story, I had to get some scratch paper and write out the four different possible ways of telling that story because I couldn’t just focus on one. This story is barely three pages and yet four versions of it exist in my head and I had to give them all equal time just to silence the doubt that the version I like is the best one.

But the thing is, I wrote it. I put it down and it’s not bad. Considering how much work I have to do at work, and the constant jitters I have right now, it is a fucking miracle it was done at all. Yes, I want a cookie for my efforts.

Where’s my cookie?

  8 Responses to “Erotica Alert Level: Blood Rushing Red”

  1. I got your cookie right here, baby. Come and get it . . .

  2. What kind would you like, luv?

    I think writing out all the variations on the theme is brilliant, really. It gets it out of your head, somewhat, and gives you the option to look at them individually and find which one appeals the best.

    I like it.


  3. I got something for you….and its much better than a cookie.

  4. I knew there was a reason I liked cookies.

  5. I just read a recipe for Cherry Garcia Biscotti. I’m planning to bake them this weekend. I hear they travel well.

  6. mmm… How about a little south african mocha-chocolate cookie… It’s still warm… straight out of the oven.

  7. Good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies with a tall glass of milk for dipping and sipping?

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