Dec 062007

I want to unwrap her.

I want to take all of those beautiful clothes that she wears and peel them off one by one. I want to be so gentle but not for her sake. I want to be gentle with her clothes that are so delicate and feminine as I work my way down to the prize of her body. I want to savor every new curve, treasure every new inch of skin and memorize every gasp she makes as I pull her out of the safety of her clothes and into the thrilling danger of what I have planned for her.

I want her bare.

I want her exposed.

I want her to be all mine.

  3 Responses to “Dirty Thoughts: Greed”

  1. When I was little presents were for tearing into, shredding the paper in a mad rush to get to what was on the inside.

    As an adult, gifts are for savoring, carefully removing the tape and unfolding the paper tenderly holding a lovely present on the inside. The packaging being just as important as what is inside.

    This gift sounds even better.

  2. I want to be all yours.

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