Dec 312007

Her sex is a labyrinth.

Whether by cock or by tongue, her sex is a maze filled with magic, wonder and bliss. Folds and passages without dead ends going on forever and ever through corridors of pleasure and mystery. At the center of this beautiful maze lies precious treasure but it is not the treasure that makes the labyrinth special. It’s the way the labyrinth changes me. It molds me, reshapes me, transforms me as it squeezes me through until I emerge from the labyrinth exhausted, exhilarated and new.

After I leave the physical labyrinth of her sex, I still find myself blissfully lost in the labyrinth of her love.

  2 Responses to “Cryptolibido”

  1. oh, Shon, this speaks of such hope and happiness for the coming year that it makes me feel all warm and full – and what better way for us to all go bravely into the future.

    here’s a toast to sex and love, packaged together and tied with hempen rope.

    — oatmeal girl

  2. Indeed, it just got an ‘awwwww’ (how sweet) response from me, as i read it.
    All the best for 2008
    Happy New Year :)

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