Nov 152007

1. Pulling her pants down. This is something I really like to do myself. The act of unbuttoning is the BDSM equivalent of unwrapping a gift. Which I guess it is.

2. Grabbing the hair. You know, when you grab someone’s hair, you have their attention. If you are wailing on their ass while doing it, then you have split their attention in two places. Besides, good hair was meant to be pulled.

3. When the ass is bright red and hot to the touch, I like to lean down and bite. I like the feel of hot skin between my teeth while the person I am biting either squeals, moans or shivers. I like to bite right where their cunt is inches from my nose. If I am doing a good job of spanking, I can smell just how good I’m doing. When the skin I am biting is no longer blistering hot, I know it’s time to go back to the spanking.

Feel free to add to the list.

  4 Responses to “Things I Like To Do During a Spanking That Does Not Involve Spanking”

  1. Ice.

    Ice is *very* good.


    Yes, you really should include ice.

  2. Oh, the hair. I love when someone pulls my hair. More so with the rare spanking session I actually get involved with.

    I also love a really good perfume or cologne. I don’t know why, but when I’m pressed down against someone, how they smell can really turn me on.

  3. Sighs wistfully, I don’t have enough experience to comment on this.

  4. Blindfold or have them close their eyes so they’re concentrating on the physical sensations- unless you’re positioned near a mirror where you can ensure that they’re seeing everything you’re doing to them.

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