Nov 052007

Seven girls came into the adult store. I had seen them in the parking lot. They waited outside for something, either waiting on more to arrive or just working up their courage to enter the big bad store.

Twenty minutes after we had gone in, The girls finally came in. They were giggling and far too loud. One by one, they saw me and my wife browsing the restraints aisle and one by one their giggling gave way to confused frowns. Couples came in here? Couples would shop a store that only sold stuff for sex? What kind of a relationship is that where both of them want sex?

They kept looking at my wife. Whispering to one another, they took turns examining her. We had just come from a fancy dinner so she was looking rather upscale with her expensive shirt and very professional slacks. I think it was the glasses that threw them. My wife looked smart, sophisticated and very very happy to have found the sparkly vibrators. These giggling girls who couldn’t have been more than college freshmen if they were that old, just couldn’t imagine growing up to become a successful woman who came to a sex store with her husband.

Their giggling at a stop, the girls wondered around with better squad discipline than most military units. Everyone was in arms reach of one another. Everyone talked inward. Eye contact with other people was strictly avoided but it was okay to take turns looking at my wife. They picked up items, quietly passed it around and then returned it to its place with little discussion. They were scared shitless.

I felt really sorry for them. They had misconceptions, shames and fears that required them to work up their courage to go into a sex store and then only in a group of seven. Damn, that’s no way to live much less masturbate. I wanted to go up to them and tell them that it was okay to buy a vibrator but I am pretty sure all seven would have maced me if I got that close to them.

As we were leaving, I noticed a group of guys hanging outside the store. They were sitting around the same car that the girls were earlier. The boys were laughing and staring at the sex store. Maybe they were the boyfriends, waiting for their girls to return. Or maybe they were screwing up their courage too. Knowing kids though, I am betting that the girls made the boys wait outside for fear that so much porn would turn them into maniacs. Shit, looking at the nervous bunch of kids, the girls might have been right.

At least my wife and I had a good long fuck after that. Nothing like messed up youth to remind you how lucky we really are in our adulthood.

  7 Responses to “Sex Store Packs”

  1. Heh, sex stores can be scary for the first time. I remember the first time I went into one, when I was the tender age of 21. Of course, at that time I was already comfortable with the stuff, I was just curious what they had.

    Later, me and my mate started going together. We had a couple people watching, but it was just having couples in the store and us deciding if a dildo or strap-on was too big or rough. Or the fact we pretty much focused on the TG and gay section, and a bit on restraints, but after twelve years, I still can’t get a ball gag into those pretty lips.

    Fantasies aside, it is interesting to see how people work themselves up to do something they are kind of frightened to do. Going to a porn store, the first time you actually put on a pair of cuffs or feel the hard rubber in your mouth, all those things have such a high and rush, yet so fleeting once the initial experience is over.

  2. I remember that giggly stage… but I think I was about 13?

    I do remember perusing the “back room” of the video store for the first time, though. I remember seeing the shocked look on a man’s face when they saw a woman alone in the back room… and their eyes always showed it, but then they tried to hide it. It was kind of funny. I rather enjoyed those moments.

  3. i remember that stage… but i was always more embarrassed by my giggly friends than the things in the store. it’s difficult to buy your first pair of handcuffs when your best friend won’t stop laughing.

  4. laughs – I prefer to shop online.

    Although I walked into a liquor store in a corset last weekend and got stares and whispers. Sigh..people, immature people at that.

  5. I don’t ever remember giggling when I went to my first sex shop. I do remember that it was when I bought my first flogger. The clerk at the shop was very helpful and I remember he asked several questions before deciding that I really needed “a real flogger” instead of one of the rubber ones.

    Not sure if you remember me, but this is Vixxen I’ve been away for sometime but do intend to start writing again…though I had to get a new blog for it. I haven’t commented forever but I really never forgot your blog and sometimes still bring it up to share a juicy story or interesting entry with some friends at work.

  6. heh- my first time in a sex store was when I was closer to 25. Embarrassment hadn’t kept me away, but I didn’t have a car and the ones around here are tucked off the beaten path.

    So my first time was so we could get a porno for my best friend (who had never seen one) and for me to get a vibrator (because I never had purchased one, although had been interested).

  7. I meant to add- knowing what you want when you go in helps keep it from being scary the first time.

    I also wonder if the boys dared the girls to go in. For some reason, I can’t bring myself to call them any real variant off of men and women.

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