Nov 192007

One thing I love about erotica is that each individual story rarely has an impact on literature as a whole, but one special story can change a single person forever.

On the Internet with millions of erotica choices, people rarely read the same story. They are seeking their own fetish, their own favored voice and their own preferred deviance. When I talk to me friends about a story I liked, almost never does one of them say “I read that too”. I have to show it to them. Even if something gets posted on Fleshbot or Sugasm, it doesn’t guarantee that everyone reads it. Erotica readers hardly ever have a shared reading experience unless they initiate it between each other.

This used to depress me. If people are not having a shared reading experience, then the genre can never grow. Someone out there has written the perfect Coming of Slave story, and eliminated the need for anyone else to write another. Someone out there has created the most beautiful spanking scene possible and other writers will never be inspired by it. Without a shared foundation, our stories ca not build and grow from each other. I used to think this was a bad thing.

Now I realized it was just ego. I wanted people to get the credit they deserved but if people did learn from each other’s porn, then I think porn would move as a generic whole. I walk into a book store these days to read fantasy or science fiction and all I can find are Vampire romances. Young reader books are all about magic schools and destined ones. They are building off of one another and trying to steal a little of each other’s success but what we get is one or two stories being retold and improved upon.

Which is why I think I prefer porn the way it is. As much as I get tired sometimes of reading yet another twenty-something girl’s sexual experiences that acts like she invented the blowjob, I am touched by the honest way they feel like they are exploring new ground. Instead of stealing from previous more successful erotica, people tell their own stories in which they discover the joys of sex for themselves in an almost vacuum.

This is not to say that there are erotic blog imitators out there. Quite a few blogs read like resumes where the blogger is trying to convince the reader that they are hip, sexy, knowledgeable writers who deserve their own magazine column pretty please, but I really feel these people are in the minority. People who create blogs in the search for money and manufactured fame are easily recognized as the faux sex-obsessed people they are. When you have more ads on your blog than personal content, the reader knows better. I am going to be really bitchy here and say the only people that read a wannabe commercial success sex blog are other wannabe commercial sex bloggers.

Which brings me back to the amateur sex blogger/writer who’s greatest ambition is to share. We want to express these weird wonderful sexy thoughts that we don’t see reflected back in mainstream society. We want to discuss what turns us on, what we do in our bedrooms and we want you to know about it. The urge to express is so great that maybe we don’t do enough reading and listening to other sex-obsessed writers. So we never have a common reading ground and erotic never becomes literature in the sense of a shared experience. We tell our stories that might have been told better in the past but because we don’t know that, we have the courage to write and maybe make something better.

The best part is that just because we don’t reach everybody with our blogs and stories, it doesn’t mean we didn’t reach someone. Our honest, un-influenced, un-intimidated stories will touch someone or maybe two someones and become part of their sexual desires. Because we are not commercially struggling to reach a mainstream audience that aims for the lowest common denominator, we create a very specific powerful tailored piece of work that strikes right at the heart and libido of someone who will masturbate, fantasize and daydream about that story forever.

I’m pretty happy with that.

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  1. A thoughtful, honest, and refreshing read.


  2. Aside from a few (like “The Story of ‘O'”) there’s not a lot of shared erotica out there, you’re right. Have you tried posting on Literotica? You can touch a greater audience there than you might imagine, and it’s all amateur stuff. Some good, some not so good… but all personal expression, to be sure.

    And now you’ve got me paranoid and wondering if I’m just a money-grubbing commercial blogger?? :)

  3. six- Thanks.

    Selena- I have tried a few online sites in the past. I get a bit turned off by the rampant advertising on them, as well as things like rating systems and Top Ten lists. I do post stories to but weirdly I get more traffic from my blog.

  4. I love your blog, it’s why I stop here every day. I like what you have to say, I thoroughly enjoy your stories. They express for me what I don’t have the words too and sometimes they just give me the visuals I need.

    I’d rather visit a blog like this than one with all the ads and shit on it.

  5. Heh, your post mirrors my own feelings. I’ve been writing for a long time, relatively speaking, and I don’t really advertise. I did for a short period of time with my novel, but that was it. I’ve also posted on ASSM which I consider “advertising” but I stopped after a few months. Mostly, I just write.

    I am utterly surprised when someone finds my stories. One time I was chatting with someone about the only and only slash I wrote (Ron and the Giant Squid) and I had two complete strangers go “OMG! You wrote that!? That’s like famous!” It wasn’t really, but it got enough of a discussions that I could find a couple things about an “infamous story of ron and a squid” online.

    It’s always nice to find someone who read your stuff. Nice to find someone who actually heard of your name and that is some of the nicest feelings.

    But, they are also very, very rare.

    As for advertising, I would make one exception to advertising on blogs. If the advertising is for their work, then its okay.

    I do agree with the retelling of stories. Its hard to find originality since we are all reinventing the wheel.

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