Nov 072007

My wife and I are taking this entire week off work. This should mean that I will have lots of wonderful time to blog but so far I have succeeded in only playing lots of City of Heroes, eating out and watching a lot of Torchwood.

If it makes you feel better, My City of Heroes Robot/Traps Pirate Queen Mastermind is now level 45. I have eaten a lot of peppermint chocolate that was delicious, and let me tell you, that Torchwood show rocks.

In other news, my old blogging friend, Vixxxen, has started a new blog at Risque Writing. Give her a holler.

  5 Responses to “Just So You Know”

  1. Ohhh Torchwood. What episode are you up to?

    Gwen is so… fun to imagine.

  2. Adore the label “excuses” – enjoy your week off, both of you.

  3. I hope you enjoy your week off. Thanks for the shout out; and I’m happy for your pirate/robot (even if City of Heros isn’t my normal gaming medium).

  4. Jaenelle- Last episode I saw was Cyberwoman. Man, that got me hot.

    Musns- I am so going to use that label in the future. It might be scary to see all my excuses lumped together.

    Risque- I am enjoying the Hell out of it.

  5. Captain Jack Harkness is the hottest of the hottest. You know that season two will have James Marsters onscreen with him? *swoons*

    xx Dee

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