Nov 092007

One of the nice things about my week off was that I could spend even more time reading the scriptwriting blogs during the writer’s strike. I started reading these blogs about a month ago as I loved the stories of trying to write something that was not crap when the network you work for is demanding crap. Reading those blogs made me so happy to be an obscure porn writer.

Anyhoo, I have picked up so much information on this writer’s strike that my head will explode. The interesting thing is how all my friends/family/hated enemies who get all their information from E! and People magazine are far more informed than I am. The subject will come up and I will mention something like, how the writers of SpongeBob got screwed, and the people I am talking to inform me that the writers of SpongeBob eat caviar in their million dollar mansions and if they didn’t get a better deal, it’s because they are communists who don’t understand how capitalism works, GO AMERICA!

Holy shit. It kills me how excited my friends get in telling me how evil the writer’s guild is for endangering their weekly fix of network television. Three dollar a gallon gas doesn’t excite them but don’t fuck with their ‘Lost’. I am starting to realize that if you really wanted to terrorize America, you’d have to hit their entertainment. People who bore me to tears describing how Cheney needs to be impeached, will break the kneecaps of a television writer if they endanger their Desperate Housewives.

If you want to know as little as I do about script writing, please check out these fine links.

Seriocity has been talking about the strike and described the painful process of pitching shows in a pre-strike environment.

Kung Fu Monkey is just plain funny most days with the regular flash of brilliance that makes you jealous.

If you love television, movies, comics or humor, then you should already be reading Mark Evanier’s blog. He’s been a great resource in which he answers the questions of readers who think all television writers get paid in gold coins.

Finally, United Hollywood is a great place to get all your short and sweet information.

Finally, err, final finally, for a brief just under four minute explanation about the writer’s demands, watch this video.

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