Nov 122007

“S-Bay Alert! One of your flagged dealers is offering a new prize for bidding!”

Tina squealed with excitement. She put away her cell phone and rushed to her computer. Her fingers shook as she logged on to the website, with her user name, xBottomSlutx, and clicked on the auctions.

“Please let it be Mr. Paddle,” she said. Her pussy tingled as soon as she said his name. It had been a month since he last offered his prize and last time that bitch SweetKitty23 had outbid her.

—Mr. Paddle offers to strip, bind and spank the winner of this auction on November 17, 2007 at 1pm at auction winner’s preferred location.—–

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“Yes!” Tina squealed. She looked at the time remaining. S-Bay auctions can last any set time but Mr. Paddle was notoriously fickle. This time he only listed his auction for an hour. Tina bit her lip happily. It was a Monday morning, and not many other bidders would be on. Either Mr. Paddle was feeling generous to whomever was lucky to be on, or else he wanted to see a cat fight break out among those who were on.

Tina thought of Mr. Paddle’s grin when he picked up his favorite wicked studded paddle. More likely, he was hoping for a catfight.

Tina thought about her bid. She thought about how ruthless he was. She thought about how devastating he can be with his vast array of toys. She thought about her poor bottom, which hadn’t been spanked in over three weeks.

Tina started the bidding with 30 spanks.

Three minutes later, SweetKitty23 entered a bid of 35 spanks.

“Oh that greedy bitch,” Tina said. She countered with 40 spanks.

A minute passed by. Tina smirked. 40 hits from Mr. Paddle was nothing to sneer at. There would be bruises. There would be marks. She might not be able to sit for the rest of the weekend but damn it, she deserved it.

A minute later, Schoolgirl4u entered a bid of 50 spanks.

“What the fuck?” Tina whispered. 50? Tina tried to remember if she had seen Schoolgirl4u on any other auctions. She clicked on her name and listed her previous auctions. A short list appeared, all within the last two weeks. Most of it was rope bondage auctions with one forced masturbation scene. There were none for spanking.

“The crazy bitch has no idea what she’s in for,” Tina said. She had seen it before. New girls make all sorts of offers till they make one promise too many. They drop out for a month or two, coming back a bit more conservative with their bids and a lot more determined to get what they want.

Tina closed her eyes and thought of the time she bid too much. She offered her ass, literally, to an older man with ten inches of cock. He was looking for sex and Tina was looking for something to make her forget about the job promotion she didn’t get. Other girls offered oral, spankings and dinner, but Tina offered her ass. When the time came, he made her forget all about that promotion. Well, and about walking normal for a week.

She opened her eyes and saw that SweetKitty23 had made a counter-bid of 75 spanks.

“Motherfuck!” Tina said. 75 was insane. 75 was brutal. Mr. Paddle wouldn’t go soft halfway through either like some dealers would. He would inflict every punishing swing and it would be your own damn fault if you couldn’t handle it.

“Seventy-fucking-five,” Tina said.

She reached between her legs. Her pussy was so warm and wet as she slipped her fingers over her clit. She thought of SweetKitty23 being tied down to a bench and getting the beating of her life. Tina stroked herself as she imagined that greedy slut’s ass turning red, then purple then blue.

“Seventy-five,” Tina said. She stroked faster. How many did SweetKitty23 bid last time? 43 was it? 43 was where Tina had drawn the line and she went without a spanking. She had to settle for masturbating like she was right now while SweetKitty23 got spanked by that wonderful sadist, Mr. Paddle. That slut was going to win again but at least she was going to pay for it.

Tina kept stroking, trying to climax off of the idea of SweetKitty23’s discomfort. It wasn’t working. The act of giving up had taken the thrill out of it all.

With sticky fingers, Tina made an offer of 90 spanks.

She went back to masturbating. Her pussy was so wet. 90 was unheard of. It was too much. She would need to take Monday off from work. It was crazy and yet Tina’s pussy never felt so sensitive and alive.

Tina waited for a counter-bid from SweetKitty23 or Schoolgirl4u. Her fingers were a blur between her thighs. She was masturbating as fast as her heart was pounding. Would any of those bitches top that? How badly did they want it? How badly did they need to be spanked?

How badly did they need to win?

Minutes passed by with no counter offer. That didn’t mean anything. They could be busy. They could be waiting till the time nearly ran out. There was strategy in bidding. Heck, they might be waiting for her to pull back her offer. There was a penalty for doing so, but it might be safer than 90 spanks.

Tina kept masturbating. The wet sound of her pussy and fingers replaced the ticking of the clock. She came close to coming but she held off. She had to know before she climaxed. Would she climax as an unfortunate winner of a terrible spanking, or would she climax as the lucky loser of a terrible auction?

The auction ended. There were no higher bids. xBottomSlutx was the winner.

Tina screamed as she climaxed.

  10 Responses to “Fiction: S-Bay”

  1. Great story, Shon. Love the concept.

    S-Bay. We need that.

  2. Now that sounds like an absolutely yummy bidding site. And I would be in so much trouble if I ever got on it.

  3. Tess- Yes, we do, don’t we?

    Vix- Thanks :) It would change my attitude.

    t’sade- That would be a site I wouldn’t mind overbids on.

  4. Yeah, but I would be doing both sides and that would take up way too much of my time. Got to sleep, you know. But… still, might be worth it.

  5. Ooooh, I am so intrigued and thrilled with the concept of S-bay.

  6. t’sade- Ha, switching would get exhausting.

    Musns- I am really surprised it doesn’t exist already.

  7. t’sade: lol – I’d be in the same boat as you!

    Shon: love the story, the concept, and the sweet relaxation after victory ;)

  8. *chuckles* What a fantastic concept, Shon :)

    xx Dee

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