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“God, I hate my job,” Erica said.

Laura Arsan nodded and kept working on her computer. Bitching about the job was the number one pastime at the Von Madd Laboratories. Laura was busy trying to create a personal lubricant meant to be used in space. It was tricky to make something that aided in reducing friction yet didn’t break apart in zero gravity. Erica’s daily complaining was a distraction the chemist didn’t need.

“I mean, it pays well,” Erica added. “Shit, in just the six months I’ve worked here, I’ve made enough to buy a house. I have four patents to my name and I get to design crazy sex toys for the rich and depraved.”

Laura nodded again. She pushed her brown hair out of her eyes and focused on the screen. She ran a few chemical simulations on her computer to see if maybe it was worth exploring vegetable oil as a lubricant. Laura did take a moment to smile at the thought that she personally had 8 patents and had only worked here half as long as Erica.

“But seriously,” Erica said. “Who would have thought that working at a sexual scientist lab would have such strict rules against fucking? I mean, what the hell?”

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That question made Laura stop. The twenty-seven year old woman couldn’t quite figure that out herself. The number one rule that Dr. Otto Von Madd explained to each and every scientists there was simple- no orgasms. You weren’t allowed to fuck or even masturbate.

“Dr. Von Madd explained it,” Laura began. “He said that giving in to our base urges in a sexual environment would ruin laboratory discipline. Our contract states very clearly that for the safety of all involved, we must resist the urge to even playfully flirt with one another.”

“But no masturbating?” Erica said. The redhead sighed. “When I showered today, I was this close to climaxing when the water hit my cunt. That can’t be right.”

Laura blushed. She could almost feel the hot spray of the water herself. “I do think it is a bit extreme.”

“Yeah, especially since we have cameras in every shower, bathroom stall and bedroom,” Erica said.

“Those do seem a bit excessive,” Laura said. “But we did sign a contract promising to forsake all physical pleasures in the interest of science.”

Erica rolled her eyes. “I don’t know how you get anything done. I’ve been working on this all-purpose lubricant for desert conditions for a week now and I just can’t focus. Every time I start looking at melting points, I start thinking about being dressed in a bell dancer’s outfit while some sheik bends me over his knee and then-“

“Enough!” Laura snapped. She took a deep breathe. “Dirty talking is forbidden as well. Keep talking like that and we’ll have a lot of explaining to do when we turn in our panties for inspection this evening.”

The loudspeaker cut in. “Dr. Arsan, please report to Dr. Von Madd’s office.”

Erica’s eyes grew wide. “Oh shit,” she said. “Did they catch you doing something? Have you been masturbating?”

Laura sighed. “Trust me Erica, if I had been masturbating, I wouldn’t have gained these ten pounds from the snack machines.”

Dr. Von Madd looked bored when Laura came into his office. He was looking at a bank of video screens. On every screen was a different part of the underground laboratory. Laura recognized many of the areas, like the condom testing range and the dildo mold room. She sat down in the chair opposite the Dr. and waited patiently as he scanned the lab.

“Dr. Arsan,” Dr. Von Madd said. “When was the last time you had an orgasm?”

“Excuse me, sir?” Laura said.

“Last time you had orgasmic release, doctor,” he said. “It’s not a hard question.”

“ah, maybe the night before I moved into my bunk quarters,” she said.

“Amazing,” he said. “Out of all the employees in Sector Frigid, you are the only one who doesn’t sneak an orgasm. That is quite a level of self control.”

Laura was confused. “I’m sorry, did you say I was the only one? I thought if you had an orgasm you were fired.”

Dr. Otto Von Madd smiled. “Well, if we catch you doing it too flagrantly. It ruins the whole reason for setting up Sector Frigid. I mean, you can’t have people fucking in the hallways if you are trying to create a sexually frustrating enviroment.”

“You mean, I could have masturbated if I did it discretely?” Laura asked. A wave of horny despair washed over her. All those sleepless nights she jammed her hands under her pillow!

“Certainly,” Dr. Von Madd said. “What is even more amazing is your productivity is so high. You are one of our best scientists and I full faith you will crack that zero gravity lubricant problem in less than a week.”

Laura didn’t know what to think. One question did come to mind. “Why?” she asked.

Dr. Von Madd pressed a few buttons and all the video screens changed. New areas appeared on the monitors. Laura recognized the Von Madd Laboratory decor, but not any of the locations. There were entire sections of the lab she had never seen before and more importantly, people were fucking on every screen! An orgy was going on in the commissary, the chemistry department was hosting a sampling of edible underwear and a blowjob was occurring in the hallway outside the radiation department. It was like there was an entire other lab where people fucked.

“We needed a control group,” Dr. Von Madd said. “I knew that allowing sex among my scientists would unlock the sexual creativty we needed, but like any true scientist, I like to prove it. So I started Sector Frigid and imposed some strict rules. Oh, people still fuck, but the high sexual tension is exactly like a lesser mainstream lab. Every time we have an accident in the real lab where someone was careless because they were still giddy from a threesome, I check on the progress of Sector Frigid and look at the dismal project completion rates. If it makes you feel better, the sexual unhappiness of you and your coworkers help justify the amazing progress our main lab makes.”

Laura felt a surge of heat blossom between her thighs. Months of sexual frustration slammed into her. She looked at all the sex on the video screens and drank it in like a starving woman.

“Why are you telling me all this?” she asked.

“because it just seemed cruel,” Dr. Von Madd said. “You are our best scientist in Sector Frigid. Imagine how much better you will be when we transfer you to the real lab.”

“I could have sex?” she asked. Her hands moved to her thighs.

“Anytime,” Dr. Von Madd said.

“I could masturbate as much as I want?” Laura asked. She unzipped her regulation lab slacks and pulled them down. It wasn’t easy to do while still sitting but Laura managed it easily.

“We have a morning workout just for that purpose,” Dr. Von Madd said.

“I would never have to listen to Erica bitch ever again?” Laura asked. She buried three of her fingers into her cunt and cried out.

“Not unless you want to spy on her going about her miserable, sex once a week in the beaker closet where she thinks we don’t have a camera.”

Laura climaxed as she thought about that. “Oh, I do want to see that.”

Dr. Von Madd smiled. “I made you an hour long tape as a welcome aboard gift.”

“Thank you,” Laura said. She was masturbating furiously. “Would you mind fucking me too?”

Dr. Von Madd rose from his chair. He unzipped his pants as he walked over to her. “Dr. Arsan, welcome to the side of the lab that gets things done.”

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  1. All good things come to those that wait ;)

    Welcome back by the way~


  2. That story made me giggle, because the only thing I could think once I had finished reading it was…my what a nice little quickie.

    – Vix

  3. Mystique- Thanks :)

    Musns- Thank you too.

    Vix- I have found quickies to be a fun way to keep writing without turning everything into an epic.

  4. hmmm..are you going to continue with this on too??
    i think you should i love your stories, so does my fiance =P puts me in the perfect mood

    I too love quickies


  5. always good to see otto, now where do i send my application

  6. Now, that is one hell of a hard promotion. Can I work there, I can dress up like a robotics person really well, I swear! I already write virtual sex machines.


  7. I’m not sure I’d be a good fit to work there as much as I love reading about it.

    Shon, what were the qualifications again?

  8. Oh that Dr. Otto.

    Now, where is that application? ;)

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