Nov 132007

Burlesque dancing is a creative form of exercise that improves hip-eye coordination, contract reading skills and socializing with the opposite sex. Burlesque dancers are 80% less likely to have heart disease than joggers and other people who do boring exercises. Enroll your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse in a burlesque dancing class today!

  5 Responses to “Dr. Otto Von Madd Says:”

  1. There are classes on burlesque dancing? Where the hell have I been living, under a rock??!!

  2. Musns- Otto would have a Learn-From-Hom Burlesque Course where the genetic material of great dancers were merged into your system.

  3. how about belly dancing classes?

  4. I fall more for Otto the more I learn about him. Such an ingenius fellow he is.

  5. I love Burlesque. It encompasses stark sexuality with art.

    Thank you, Dr. As always, you counsel us well.


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