Oct 112007

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What is your favorite sexy monster?

Note: Definition of sexy, favorite and monster are at your discretion.

  13 Responses to “Pop Quiz!”

  1. Count Dracula. Hands down.

  2. Edward Scissorhands (it’s Johnny Depp under there!)…

    The kid from Idle Hands… okay so only his hand was possessed… ;) But what a cutie!

    Morticia Addams… rooooowwwwr!

  3. The dybbuk, as presented in the play and especially in the 1937 film of the same name.


    He is sexy, intense, and dead. He possesses his beloved, taking control of her body to prevent their being parted by death. He controls her physically. And she welcomes his control.

  4. I must confess it is …

    Dr. Otto Von Madd


  5. Tess- You have to love Dracula. He is one of my favorites.

    Selena- Poor Edward, monster or stylist? I always wondered why he had scissor hands to start with.

    Man, Morticia is so hot.

    Oatmeal girl- Yay! I learn something new everyday.

    Musns- Awww, that made me smile.

  6. I love a vampire, really. Almost any. Male or female (but mostly male). Having the life sucked out of you while you’re held in his arms is so sensual. As a submissive, it’s the ultimate, I guess.


  7. http://tsade.com/Bathhouse

    Lovely and sweet tentacle monsters!

  8. Jake, the werewolf in Stephenie Meyers‘ books.

    But, yes, I like vampires, too.

    Sorry he just has a sexay appeal like no other, especially the way he devours cookie ;)

    And yay, goody, story time!
    Look forward to your instalments over the next few weeks ^^


  10. Funny – I don’t think of vampires as monsters, and I have an enormous kink for them. I blame Spike from Buffy, initially, but the (early) Anita Blake books, and the Black Dagger Brotherhood books all work for me.

    But for monster (ie: don’t look human) monsters? Gotta be Gojira/Godzilla, baby. Not to the extent of Godzilla Bukakke *shudders*, but otherwise, fun!

    xx Dee

  11. Vampires closely followed by sorceror types.

  12. I’d also go with Count Dracula — any well-dressed man who can steal into your room at night and make you scream in your nightie is a good man ;P

    Last year I asked several folks about which horror creatures had what lingerie fetishes. As as self-proclaimed lingerie guru I had to. ;)

    PS I found you via Secondhand Rose’s blog.

  13. Black-haired, light-colored skin vampires then witches. Females, all. *big grin*

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