Oct 082007

I am on the last chapter of my Halloween story. The last chapter is always the hardest. It is where you wrap all your threads up and then realize that one or two threads in the opening chapter were never mentioned again, while threads you meant to introduce later are very late to the party as in they never arrived either.

So before I write this last chapter, I need to go back and rewrite everything else to bring it in line for the thrilling climaxes I have in this last chapter. Confused? So am I.

Hey look, a picture of the Love Shack. Not the song, because I heard there was a court case and everything. This is a totally different Love Shack with an American flag and video booths. I don’t blame them for trying to use the name though. Love Shack is just a fun word. Love Shack. It sounds like a place with barely stable walls, a dirt floor and an air mattress. There is one swinging light bulb and cooler full of drinks. There is only one window and it is always steamed up from the love shacking going on inside.

Okay, enough frivolity. Back to the serious business of a horny housewife and her mysterious hot neighbor.

  2 Responses to “Final Chapter Blues”

  1. Writing a Halloween story just for fun? Or for a contest? Or publication?

    I’m so not to Halloween yet… hasn’t even entered my head. Could be because it’s 90 degrees in October! EEK!

  2. Selena- For fun. I try to do something with a Halloween theme every year. I’m running late compared to last year where I did a whole month of Halloween related posts. This story will be in 9 parts starting this friday come Hell or High Grammer.

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