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“He didn’t even fucking notice!” Hannah snarled.

Tuesday was grocery-shopping day. It took all day because Hannah systematically spread her shopping among three stores. Whole Foods had the best meats but was a little pricey for anything else. Publix was affordable for most of the canned goods, and Kroger had the best non-food prices. Hannah was very proud that for the small inconvenience of shopping for six hours, she could save over $100 and still have high-quality groceries.

She was proud even though she knew Adam didn’t really notice. Much as he hadn’t noticed her new lock of blond hair. The blond had suddenly appeared, and she didn’t know why or how. She had started to come up with excuses for Adam for when he inevitably asked.

He never asked.

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“Fucker!” Hannah said. She slammed the door to her car and marched into Whole Foods.

“Fucker doesn’t notice anything unless it gets in the way of his fucking television!”

“Good morning, ma’am,” the smiling grocery stocker said.

Hannah forced a smile and grabbed a shopping cart. Now was not the time to think about Adam, or even Samuel and the bizarre incident of yesterday. Now was the time to shop. She did have a lingering feeling of guilt over the house. After yesterday’s spanking, she had cleaned up the mess but hadn’t done any more cleaning. She was too afraid of what might happen if she went to clean the shower or did any cleaning near the bed. The house wasn’t messy, but it was no longer meticulously clean.

Hannah sighed. Now was not the time to worry about it. She had work to do. The house, Adam and Samuel could all wait. For now, she could retreat safely into the early-morning peace of the grocery store.

The place was empty except for the occasional senior citizen and the far-too-young stockboys. Hannah had discovered the joy of early-morning weekday grocery shopping in the spring. The only other shoppers were quiet older people who came to avoid the crowds. The grocery employees were busy stocking shelves and setting up displays. It was a quiet time where she didn’t have to look at couples and ask herself why Adam didn’t hold her hand in public anymore.

Hannah pushed her cart though the produce section. One of the stockboys stopped what he was doing and stared at her legs. When he realized that Hannah had noticed him, he blushed and went back to work. Hannah was confused. Why was he looking at her legs? She was swearing sweatpants for crying out loud. Was there a hole in them?

She looked down and froze mid-stride. Her comfortable sweatpants were gone. She was wearing a black skirt instead. A shiver ran down her back. She didn’t own a black skirt this short. It barely came down to her knees. She certainly didn’t own a skirt that had a red snake embroidered on it. As she watched, she skirt shrunk another few inches.

“Oh, shit,” Hannah whispered. This had to be another curse. Fear gripped her till she realized that all that had happened was a change of clothes. Compared to the spanking of yesterday, this was nothing.

She kept pushing her cart. She passed by an older woman who frowned at her skirt. Hannah giggled. Disapproval from a woman old enough to be her grandmother was something she could handle.

That was when she felt the breath get squeezed out of her.

Hannah looked down to see that her sweater was gone. In its place was a tight black corset. It was very low cut, and her breasts were about to spill out the top. She recognized the corset. It was from World of Warcraft, one of those impossibly sexy garments that the game considered to be “armor.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she whispered. Another stockboy was staring at her. She had forgotten just how large her tits were. To be more accurate, she had forgotten just how much guys liked her tits. Adam didn’t even cop a feel any more. Judging by the way the stockboy’s eyes were fixated, Hannah didn’t think he would ,mind touching hers at all.

Hannah reached the meat department. She stood still for a moment before squealing as her shoes changed. The boring sneakers turned into high heels. She was elevated several inches, and her breasts jiggled from the motion. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d worn heels, and these seemed impossibly high.

“Can I help you?” the man behind the meat counter said. This was the first time Hannah had been waited on without having to ring the bell.

“Ah, yes,” she said. She fidgeted with her hair. She just felt so nervous. This man was about her age, and his eyes were fixated on her breasts.

“I’ll be happy to help,” he said.

“Do you have any fresh salmon?” she asked.

The butcher smiled. “Not out, but I’ll go cut some up. How much do you need?”

One by one, they went down her list, and at each item, the butcher was excited to help. Hannah even changed a few of her items to more exotic choices, just to see if he would jump through those hoops. He never faltered. He also never stopped looking at her tits, which didn’t bother her in the slightest. Being attractive was a novelty, and as curses went, this one could have been far worse.

When she had filled her cart with meat, Hannah headed for the checkout lines. With the first step she took, she realized that her underwear had changed, too. Her sensible, boring panties had turned into something much skimpier and much thinner. By the second step, she knew she was wearing a thong by the way the fabric was pulling against her sex and along her ass. The material was so tight that it was rubbing her clitoris with every step.

The walk to the cashiers had never seemed so long. The heels were difficult to walk in, making Hannah struggle for every step. The skirt had shrunk down around her thighs, hobbling her. Her tits bounced with every step, and she was convinced the cut of the corset had gotten lower. The corset made her stand up straight, and she realized just how much she had become used to slouching. She had to walk tall and proud, although she wanted to run and hide. As for the thong, it was stroking Hannah’s sex and clitoris. Every step was an orgy of balance, jiggling and stimulation.

It was the other people in the grocery store who were the real challenge. Older women looked at her with disapproval.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, dressing like a dirty whore,” a bitter old woman whispered.

Hannah ignored her and kept pushing her cart. Should she be ashamed? For some reason, she wasn’t. In fact, she felt pretty good.

Older men looked at her with open lust, daydreaming about conquests of their past. The store employees, almost all men, found reasons to linger around her. Their eyes devoured her as she walked by, nibbling and tasting her risqué clothes.

“Need help with anything?” one brave boy asked.

“No, I’m good,” Hannah said. She could have sworn that her corset pushed her cleavage up another inch.

Two steps later, another employee offered his assistance. In response, her skirt constricted more tightly around her thighs.

“No, thank you,” Hannah said. She kept going, working her way past all the staring eyes. Oh, God, they all wanted her. They wanted to fetch things for her. They wanted to do whatever it took to just be near her. When was the last time that had happened?

It occurred to her that she could invite any of these boys home, and they would come.

Her pussy was so damn wet.

She finally made it to the cashier. The grinning 20something at the register looked as if he had won the lottery.

“Find everything?” he asked.

“Yes,” Hannah said. She thought that everyone in the store had certainly found everything there was to see about her.

As she bent over her cart to get the items out, one of her breasts popped out. She froze with shock and just looked down at her snowy white tit. The pink nipple was so hard and stiff . She stuffed her breast into her shrinking corset and stood back up, embarrassed.

The cashier’s mouth was wide open. Her embarrassment melted into a sort of almost pride. When he shut his mouth and blushed, she felt almost powerful.

He rang up her purchases, asking twice more whether she’d found everything. He kept looking at her chest. He blushed a few more times.

Hannah soaked it all in. This was a good curse. Oh, the outfit was scandalous, and if the store had been more crowded, she would have been horrified, but she liked the attention. She liked being sexy. She liked being seen as something to be leered at and fucked. It had been so long since Adam had looked at her this way that she was relishing it now.

The bag boy offered to walk her out to the car. She turned him down. That was too much temptation. If she took him back to her car, he might try something. Hell, she might try something. She was so turned on by the thong’s constant caress, she just wanted to be filled right now.

As soon as Hannah stepped outside the grocery store, her high heels flattened back into sneakers. By the time she got into the parking lot, her corset had shifted back into the rather shapeless sweater. When she reached her car, her skirt was gone, replaced by the tired, dull jeans. When the thong returned to normal, Hannah sighed at the lack of the sensation that had been so wonderful against her pussy.

“That can’t be it,” she said. She sat in her car, thinking of the two other grocery stores she had to visit. “Maybe it will come back when I walk into Publix.”

She glanced at her rearview mirror and saw herself. Right beside the blond lock of hair was a new strand of red. As brilliant as flame, the new strand of hair was just as thick as the blond one.

That was when she knew that there would be no further magic. The curse had hit her and left its mark. It was gone. A wave of disappointment hit her. She had been sexy, far sexier than she had the courage to do on her own. She had been a slut in the grocery store, and now it was over. Now she had two more stores to go to in nothing more exciting than her dumpy sweater and boring jeans.

“Fuck,” Hannah said.

To be continued,

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  1. Good God – you hit it right on the head..have you been inside my head?!

  2. Musns- Like I may have said elsewhere, I have spent a lot of time researching this story.

    Fun fact- You can tell if I have been in your head if you find yourself humming Decemberists.

  3. That curse is a horrible, horrible tease. And except for the heals, the rest of it sounds just absolutely yummy. So, what will the green streak be? :)

  4. The only problem I see is the description of Whole Foods employees being “almost all men”. You forgot about the vaguely goth chicks with the multiple piercings and a tattoo or two, stocking the bulk item bins. :)

  5. Aye, I do recall.

  6. t’sade- I had to look up to see what the green one was myself :)

    David- Funny, my Whole Foods stores look so whitebread vanilla, but it is the Krogers that has all the freaks.

    Musns- :)

  7. I’m with David on this one. :) Then again, I am in Austin and we have the Whole Foods flagship, complete with all the Austin freaks.

    I am reaaaallllly loving this story. :D

  8. Asian Librarian- I am really enjoying how much people like this one.

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