Oct 242007

Hannah soaked in her bathtub. The water was as hot as she could stand it. The CD player filled the room with random selections of her favorite songs. The lights were off, and two candles flickered in the darkness. It was only 9 in the morning, but she had already had a rough day.

“What a fucking pig sty,” Adam had yelled over breakfast.

Work had called him this morning. Some disaster was happening. They needed Adam right away. These kinds of things happened more frequently lately, but that was the price Adam paid for his high-paying job. Sometimes, he handled it like a martyr, moaning about the fact that he was the only one smart enough and talented enough to handle these disasters.

But then there was his other response.

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“When’s the last time you vacuumed? I swear this dust ball has been here for a month!”

“We’re still out of light butter? You know this shit butter makes me congested!”

“Why the fuck is the laundry not done yet?”

“What the hell did you do with your hair?”

That last question was the one that hurt the most. With all that had happened to her, what he’d finally noticed were the new colors in her hair. He didn’t notice the soreness she had from all the orgasms. He didn’t notice how guilty she had felt. The asshole only noticed that his damn house wasn’t as pretty as he was used to. It was searching for something else to criticize that finally made him notice her hair.

Hannah retreated to the bathroom after he was gone. Before she had videogames and chores to fill her day, for that matter, before she had even been married, she used to retreat to a warm, soothing bath. It was a habit she’d picked up when she was a teenager. When her parents brought up her weight and lack of dates one too many times, the bathroom was the only place she had been able to go to escape their helpful advice.

The hot water cradled her. Her body felt smaller submerged in water. She sunk down until her chin was under water. Her knees came up, rising from the water like wet cliffs. Both of her nipples also peeked out, hard and red from the hot water. She felt her tension melt away.

She forgot about the house.

She forgot about Adam.

She forgot about the curse.

The water pulled her down. Some great suction pulled at her, and the water went over her. Her head was dunked down and Hannah just managed to hold her breath in time. The water held onto her, somehow holding her arms and legs down so she couldn’t get up. As her head went down, her breasts emerged from the water and wobbled on the surface.

Hannah’s head was pulled up from the water. Her body was still pinned, but at least she could grab some air.

“Holy shit!” she yelled. She was angry. All of the calm she had gathered after Adam left was gone. Now she was just pissed. “Drowning isn’t sexy!”

A rattle came from her sink. The small basket of hair clips and barrettes rattled as if something were alive in it. She watched as most of her hair clips came floating out of the basket. It wasn’t all of her hair pins, and it took her a moment to understand which clips were flying. They all had teeth or something that could open and close.

The hair clips flew and hovered over Hannah’s nude, wet body. They circled, closing and opening over her. She tried to move, but the water sapped all of her strength, making her an observer of her own torment.

The water pulled her back down under the water. It was slow this time, and she took a deep breath to hold her. She wasn’t afraid. She was helpless, and her face was under water, but for some reason, she was unafraid. Curiosity and a sudden heat between her thighs made her want to see how this played out.

Once again, her breasts rose from the water as her head was dunked. As soon as her breasts were exposed, the flying hair clips attacked. They dived down like angry wasps. Plastic teeth bit into her flesh. Her biggest hair pins fastened cold metal around her nipples. As more of her breasts were exposed, more of her clips attacked. Her tits were covered, and not a single clip was holding on gently to her tender flesh.

Her head was kept under water. She had thought it would hurt more than it did. The pinpoints of pain were more like love bites. Even the big clips that had her nipples were no harsher than Adam’s hardest bite. It was the need to breathe that worried her. How long was she going to be kept down?

The hair clips flew off, and before Hannah could react, her head was suddenly pushed upward. She gasped for air before gasping from the sensation of having her bitten tits submerged in the hot water. She grabbed a mauled breast and examined it. It was covered in plastic teeth marks but otherwise unharmed.

“Was that it?” she asked.

The water pulled her back down. The hair clips attacked again. Before she’d thought they were harsh, but now she appreciated how gentle they had been. The clips this time came down with a vengeance. They pinched. They sunk into her. They nibbled.

The big clips were the worst. This time, they clamped around her nipples and twisted. She fought to keep from screaming under the water. Her nipples were on fire, being twisted and pulled without mercy.

Worse, every twist of the clips on her nipples was sending shockwaves between her thighs. Hannah’s pussy came to life. The more her breasts suffered, the more her pussy wanted to be touched. The more the tiny barrettes nibbled her tits, the more her pussy wanted to be nibbled as well. All this attention on her tits just reminded her how long it has been since she had been truly taken. She tried to move her hands to her pussy, but the water’s curious strength still held her. There was no escape for Hannah, neither literally nor sexually.

The water released her. She emerged, once again gasping for air while the clips flew around her. Horny, she reached between her legs and stroked herself. She groaned at the bliss.

She stroked once.

She stroked twice.

On her third stroke, the water reclaimed her.

This time, however, Hannah’s ass was lifted up as her head went down. Like some great waterspout, her ass was lifted up in the air. She kicked her legs in the air and struggled to keep some sort of balance. It was hard to hold her breath like this, even harder now because she didn’t know why she was being held in this position.

The hair clips attacked. They landed on her calves. Each one latched onto her with merciless plastic teeth as rows of barrettes worked their way up her calves to her thighs, to her pussy and right onto her clit.

“Fuck!” she yelled under the water. Sweet, unbelievable, wonderful pain exploded from her clitoris, quickly replaced by the warmest, most powerful surge of desire she had ever felt. She was being bitten, eaten and devoured.

She climaxed. It happened so fast. She felt it coming, and before she could do anything, she climaxed with a yell. As soon as she cried out, her body was released, and she rose out of the water. She tried to stand on shaking legs, but she couldn’t get any purchase.

She shivered in her hot bath water. All around her the hair clips floated. The magic was gone. The marks on her thighs and breasts were still there. Also still there were the pounding heart and ragged breathing.

She sank back down into the water, and closed her eyes. She didn’t bother to look for the new lock of hair. She didn’t want to see it. She didn’t want to think about curses, Samuel or how the pain and hot water had given her a better orgasm than Adam ever gave her. This was her bath time. This was her refuge. All of that could wait. For now, she just wanted to escape and relax.

A hair clip floated past her chin. Another shiver went down her body. She sighed. She knew she would never relax here again.

To be continued,

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  1. I see hair clips in a whole new light now.

  2. Hopefully a sexy light :)

  3. definitely..I think I need a nice hot bath with hair clips (smirks)

  4. that was excruciatingly, um… inspiring. is that a puddle i see on my desk chair? (helps make up for being subjected to more miserable marriage memories. begone, ghost of ex-husband past!)

  5. oatmeal girl- The only cure for ghost of ex-husband past is the ghost of orgasms today. I think Egon Spengler said that once.

  6. actually i think that’s the freakiest curse so far.
    *is uneasy about drowning*
    she’s also lost her refuge, wonder what she’s going to do to try get some peace now :\


  7. Absolutely lovely. I’m a big fan of animated things around the house. Sometimes I play with the hair things and pretend they are creating walking along the counter. So… yummy. :)

  8. glad i don’t have that many clips in the house, i’d be in trouble if they ever attacked me

  9. I have a whole basket of hair clips…

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