Oct 262007

“Adam isn’t so bad,” Hannah thought. It was Saturday morning, and Adam had made breakfast. He made his very complicated bacon omelets. The table was laid out for two, and he made a big deal out of pretending to be her waiter. It reminded Hannah so much of how he used to act when they were dating.

Over breakfast, he attempted an apology.

“Work has been really bad this week,” he said.

She nodded.

“And I have had all this stress placed on me to get this Davidson project done in time.”

She ate another bite and nodded again.

“I didn’t realize how much I must have been working till I realized I hadn’t noticed your new hair color.”

Hannah nodded.

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“I mean, wow, I must really be working really hard not to notice something like that. I think I might need a vacation somewhere. Like maybe an extended golf weekend or something. Go down to Florida and spend three days just golfing to unwind.”

Hannah just looked at him. That was his idea of a vacation?

Adam squirmed a little under her silent stare. “I forgot the butter. Do you need anything from the kitchen?”

Hannah shook her head. She understood that this breakfast wasn’t a plea for forgiveness. It was a bribe for some golf trip.

Adam hurried off to the kitchen. Hannah sighed as soon as he was gone. She had had that brief fleeting feeling that Adam understood how unhappy she was, and now it was gone. He didn’t see past his own needs. Needs that apparently didn’t include her.

Under the table, a hand closed around her thigh. The sudden touch made her jump. The startled feeling was replaced by fear as she realized that one of her curses was happening now — with Adam in the house!

She looked under the table, but there was nothing there. She sat back up and groaned as two invisible hands gripped her breasts through her robe. Firm fingers kneaded her tits like an urgent lover. Hannah groaned from the wonderful touch, but her heart was pounding with terror of Adam walking in on her strange curse.

“I also got the jelly if you wanted it,” Adam said.

The hands disappeared. Hannah waited for the next touch, trying to will herself ready. She thought that if she didn’t jump or let it show, she could endure this curse in secret.

“So,” Adam began again. “The place I was looking at is a golf resort but they have things for the wives to do, too. They have a shopping mall and a pool you could lounge at.”

Hannah didn’t hear him at first. She was waiting for the next touch. Nothing was happening, though.

“A pool?” Hannah said. That was the only part she remembered.

“Oh, yes,” Adam said. “Two actually.”

He started to recite the text of the brochure or Web site he had obviously been studying. Hannah half=listened to him while waiting for the next sensory assault. Still nothing happened. Was that it? A touch on her thigh and a grabbing of her boobs? She found herself kind of disappointed.

“So, I was thinking sometime in November,” Adam finished. “We can make reservations today.”

“Sure,” she said. She got up and gathered her dishes. She half-expected Adam to jump up and help, but apparently his eagerness to please had evaporated once he got what he wanted. He just sat there while she carried her dishes into the kitchen.

Once she was in the kitchen, something grabbed her ass. It wasn’t a pinch, it was a full squeeze of her buttock. It was like what a lover does right before he whispers something naughty in your ear.

Hannah stood there, enjoying the squeeze. She listened for whispers but nothing came.

Adam came in. “I’m really glad you see how important this golf trip is. I think it is the perfect thing I need in order to stay sharp and get that promotion.”

The squeeze stopped as soon he walked in. She understood then what was going on. He was blocking her curse. If she stayed with him, nothing would happen. With him, she would be safe from whatever was happening. He could be her refuge today.

“So what are you doing today?” Hannah asked.

“Thought I would play some games till 1,” he said. He seemed a little hesitant. He was worried she wanted him for something. “Then I was going to find a ball game to watch.” He paused, afraid of the answer. “What are you doing?”

She thought about it. “Mostly stuff around the house. I doubt you’ll even see me.”

Adam was so relieved that he didn’t notice that relief was clear on Hannah’s face as well.

As Adam made his retreat into the living room, Hannah hurried to the laundry room. Immediately the hands were back, running wild all over her body. She stumbled to the washer and leaned against it. She remembered the orgasm she had had here and hoped that today would be just as explosive.

Invisible hands crawled all over her body. They moved under her clothes, yet somehow didn’t disturb them. Finger danced over her thighs, squeezed her nipples, squeezed her ass and touched her lips. It was a full-body grope. It was like being manhandled by a dozen men.

It was like being desired.

She could hear Adam’s videogames coming from the living room. Back in the early days of their marriage, Hannah would sit with him and cheer him on. Later, she resented the videogames that he would study and master instead of spending that energy on her. Today, however, she loved every explosion, laser and car crash she could hear. It all meant that the invisible hands would keep mauling her.

After ten glorious minutes of being manhandled, she realized they were never going near her sex. Her nipples were pinched. Her thighs were lovingly squeezed. Her lips were touched by teasing fingertips, but her pussy got nothing. Hannah thought about touching herself, but she resisted. She wanted the curse to get her off. She had a hard enough time getting Adam to fuck her; she didn’t want to settle during a curse, too.

She thought it might have something to do with proximity to Adam. Since the hands stopped whenever Adam was in the same room with her, maybe his just being within earshot was blocking the magic from getting her off.

She went to the study, but there the hands only tease her with a frontal body massage that skipped the magic area of her sex.

She went to the bedroom, but there the hands teased her by pulling and tugging at her heavy tits.

She even tried the bathroom, but there the hands would probe and tease her ass without ever getting near her pussy.

Hannah stood by the window. She was wet, horny and frustrated. Adam’s football game was starting, and still she had not climaxed. She had exhausted every room in the house, and none was far enough. Hannah sighed in self-pity. This was the most frustrating curse yet. This was what she got for watching her neighbor in his yard.

“The yard,” she said. She laughed. Hannah grabbed some clothes out of her bedroom. She grabbed some shorts, even though she knew it was too cold outside for them. That was OK. Hannah counted on the invisible hands to keep her warm.

She went outside to her backyard. She stayed on the deck since she hadn’t bothered to grab shoes. The cold October air nipped at her, but she had been right: The roaming, invisible hands did keep her warm. She sat on one of the lounge chairs and shivered on the plastic. The cold just added more sensation to the curse.

Her guess had been right. The hands moved to her sex. Oh, other hands were still playing with her legs, her face and her tits, but now it felt as though there were an orgy of hands on her pussy.

“Oh yes,” Hannah moaned. How long has it been since someone masturbated her? Well, no matter when it had been, it was nothing like this. She never had fingers pulling and twisting her clitoris. She had never had finger after finger fuck her like some sort of manual gangbang. She had never felt so touched in that one place where she wanted to be touched the most.

The clouds moved slowly overhead while Hannah was being finger-fucked. She became aware of how bare the trees looked. Wood smoke was in the air, drifting from someone’s fireplace. All of these sensations were sinking into her as she writhed and groaned on her chair. She was being fucked outdoors, and she never imagined that happening on a cold, lazy October Saturday.

She climaxed, gripping the arms of the lounge chair. She managed to stay quiet, with only the wide grin on her face showing how much pleasure she was enjoying.

“You’re beautiful when you do that,” a voice said.

Hannah jumped in her seat. Leaning on the fence was Samuel. He looked so damned smug.

“That was a compliment, or are you unused to hearing those from your husband?” Samuel said.

Hannah didn’t know what to say. Part of her wanted to vent, to let it all pour out to this mysterious neighbor. She wanted to talk about Adam, about her frustrations and about how this week had been one of the best in her life.

Instead, she just stayed quiet. Denial was an old habit for Hannah.

“My husband does just fine,” she said. “I am a happily married woman. Your curses are … just a pleasant distraction.”

Samuel nodded. “Let’s see what your opinion of your husband is tomorrow.”

Hannah wanted to say something biting, but Samuel left. He went back to his house, leaving her alone in her yard. The wind blew harder, and there were no more hands to warm her.

to be continued,

  9 Responses to “Fiction: The Seven Curses of Hannah Part Seven”

  1. Poor thing, it’s hard to not be supportive of your spouse, even if you aren’t feeling that way.

  2. I say she should dump him. He’s a narcicisstic bastard who doesn’t care a lick for her.

    Or a grope, or a pinch, or a tease, or a….


  3. musns- Funny how that becomes a habit.

    eve- Ha, that last line describes Adam perfectly.

  4. I will admit, that last bit makes me want to smack her. I mean, the man is pretty much telling her to be truthful, so tell the damn truth!

    Oh, and deliciously hot on the invisible hands. Its another of my fantasies and one that I just lust after.

  5. t’sade- The truth is a funny bitch, isn’t it?

  6. Very very nice, indeed, bring on monday ;)


  7. Can’t wait for Monday!

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