Oct 122007

It was a brisk October night, and in her dark bedroom, Hannah was wrapped snugly in her house robe. The plush material felt great against her naked skin, and for a brief moment, she was glad she was a larger woman because it meant she had more places to be touched by her robe. Her round breasts, round hips and very round bottom were encased in the soft fabric. She pulled her long brown hair out from under the robe so that every inch of her back could feel the soft terrycloth. Hannah’s body always came to life when she wore this robe, and her aroused mind thought about checking to see if her husband wanted to fool around.

The thought melted away as quickly as it had come. It was five minutes to 9 on a Sunday evening. That meant Adam was sitting on the couch downstairs waiting for his two-hour block of television to begin. He had spent two hours playing video games after rushing through the dinner Hannah had made. Because he had played World of Warcraft with her around noon, Adam considered his husbandly duties done for the day.

Hannah pulled a chair up to her bedroom window. In the darkness, she sat down and opened her robe. She reached between her thighs and started to stroke.

“Adam can watch his stupid secret-agent show,” she muttered. She had her own show to watch.

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Her second-floor window was set at the perfect angle for her to look down into her neighbor’s yard. Although a high privacy fence that surrounded the yard, Hannah could see all. She stroked her sex casually, trying to keep herself wet without getting too excited. She didn’t know whether her personal show would repeat tonight as it had for the last six nights, but her wet pussy was ready if it did.

She got her wish.

She didn’t even know the man’s name. He had moved in two weeks ago and set up the privacy fence the next day. Hannah knew that he was tall, that he had sexy curly black hair and that his body was in awesome shape. She knew this because he came out at 9 every night stark naked.

Hannah’s fingers worked faster. His muscles just glowed in the moonlight. She couldn’t help comparing him to Adam. Adam, whose idea of exercise was golf every Saturday and martial arts video games the rest of the week. She thought about how Adam’s arms loosely hugged her these days and compared his arms to the limbs of steel in the yard below her. As she stroked her pussy, Hannah thought about how her neighbor’s muscles would feel between her thighs.

The neighbor’s backyard had a small marble statue in the center. The statue was of a nude woman, standing with her arms outstretched. Hannah couldn’t tell if the statue was supposed to be a goddess or a historical figure. All she knew was that the statue was very busty and much slenderer than Hannah and that her neighbor masturbated onto it every night.

She gasped as her neighbor grabbed his erect manhood. He didn’t reach down and fondle himself; he seized it. She could just imagine him grabbing her with the same urgent need. His fist encased his large cock, and he started pumping. The muscles of his arms bulged as he worked himself. He was rough. He was primal. He was exactly what her neglected pussy wanted.

“Oh, God,” Hannah moaned. Her neighbor just stood there and masturbated, but in her mind, he did so much more. She pictured him mounting her, with her arms and thighs wrapped around his hard body. She imagined him kneeling between her thighs, seizing her bottom and burying his face in her pussy. She stroked herself to images of him standing over her, masturbating into her waiting mouth.

Hannah felt her orgasm swell within her, but she held off. A week ago, she always climaxed as soon as possible but the last two days, she had found a sweeter way. No matter how much her clitoris was tingling, she would hold off and gently tease herself with feather touches. She waited till she saw her neighbor reach his own climax.

It never took long. The man tilted his head forward, falling deeper into whatever fantasy he was in. His fist pumped faster, and Hannah resumed stroking her clit. Back and forth the man’s fist pumped his beautiful cock, while back and forth Hannah stroked her terribly wet pussy.

He climaxed, showering come onto the marble statue.

Hannah closed her eyes as her fingers brought her to a brilliant climax.

When she opened her eyes, the neighbor was looking right at her!

Hannah froze, her fingers still slick with her desire. He couldn’t be looking at her. The bedroom was dark, and the distance was too great. It was night time ,and there is no way he could see her from his back yard. There was no way at all. It was just her imagination.

Her neighbor walked to the privacy fence and climbed it easily. He was in her yard now, strolling to the back door.

“Fuck!” Hannah whispered. If the neighbor knocked on the back door and Adam answered, there would be a shitload of explaining to do. Hannah jumped out of her seat and ran downstairs as quietly as she could. She didn’t have time to put on any other clothes so she pulled her robe tight around her. She crept by the living room and the sounds of Adam’s television shows. The outline of her neighbor was visible against the glass of the kitchen door, and Hannah rushed forward. She opened the door just as he had his hand up ready to knock.

“Hello,” she said. She didn’t know what else to say.

“Hello,” the man said. “My name is Samuel, and you are?”

It was Hannah’s first chance to see her neighbor up close. The first thing she noticed was his eyes. They were the deepest shade of green she had ever seen on a person.

The next thing she noticed was that he was still nude. Despite his recent ejaculation, his large cock was very hard and pointing up at her.

“Hi, uhh, Samuel,” Hannah said. “My name is Hannah.”

He smiled at her. “Hannah is a pretty name.”

“Thank you,” she said. They stood there for a moment. She in her house robe, he in his naked beauty.

“Hannah, I just came by to say that I although I don’t mind you watching my evening dedications, I find it a little rude that you do it without telling me that you are watching.”

She swallowed hard. She could hear her husband’s television show cut to commercial. She only hoped that didn’t need to come to the kitchen for anything.

“Uh, Samuel, I don’t know what you are talking about,” she said.

“Really?” Samuel said. “Every night, I come out and dedicate my seed to the Goddess of Desire. In other words, I jack off.”

“Oh, I didn’t know,” Hannah clumsily lied.

“I think you do,” he said. “I think you have watched me every night for seven nights. Judging from your flushed cheeks and your obvious lack of clothes underneath your robe, I am betting you masturbate while I do my dedications. In a way, you have offered your own dedications to the goddess. It is only fitting that you admit it and make it official.”

Hannah shook her head. “Honestly, I have no idea what you are talking about. Please go before my husband hears you. He’s not as understanding as I am.”

At that, Samuel frowned. “That’s three times you have denied what you have done. Three times you have lied to me about the seven times you have seen me performing my dedications. Yes, I know about every time you have watched me, and I know about the seven times you have climaxed from what you have seen.”

“Please, just go,” Hannah said. This was too much to process, much less admit. She also just couldn’t help looking down at his magnificent large cock.

“I place my curse on you, Hannah,” Samuel said. “Seven times you will feel the touch of desire. Seven times, no harm will come to you except for the walls you have created around you. Seven torments will come to you straight from your dreams and into your life. These curses, you earned yourself.”

Before Hannah could say anything, Samuel walked away. He headed back to his yard without a care in the world. The brisk October breeze blew the leaves around him, but he didn’t even shiver. Samuel went right back to his fence and jumped over the side with ease.

Hannah shook her head. He was great looking but really weird. It bothered her that he had noticed her, but not nearly as much as it did knowing that he was out of his mind.

“Seven curses,” she said to herself. “God, wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace.”

To be continued,

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  1. Oh, interesting curses with numbers. I love the three times, seven times bit.

  2. t’sade- Thanks. I have a minor numbers obsession and I vow to only use it for porn.

  3. I have a minor obsession with watching sexy men jack off …

  4. What a fascinating start! Interestingly, I envisioned Samuel as looking like David Boreanaz (Angel). And I don’t generally find him attractive. But the moonlight, and the statue … yum.

    Look forward to seeing where this goes :)

    xx Dee

  5. sarengetty- Just make sure you admit it when they catch you doing it.

    Dee- lol, I can see that.

  6. very interesting, wonder what hannah’s curses will be. i like curses lol and i have a minor obsession with numbers too, really screws up my high scores on video games.

  7. Red- Curses shall be revealed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday :)

  8. Mondays, Weds, Fridays are my new favorite days.

  9. three and seven. classic magic numbers…

    thank you for your recognition of the advantages of roundness. more flesh to be touched by the soft robe. or by … other things. soft or not.

  10. Wow… what a wonderful story to come back to. :)

  11. Asian Librarian- Just doing my part to make your work week mathematically better than the rest of your work.

    oatmeal girl- I believe that all body shapes are pretty nice, but man, it seems like the thin already have a buttload of porn. Porn needs to be more diverse.

    Jaenelle- At least you come back for the long ones.

  12. Just so you know I’m here, I’m lurking, I’m *ahem* taking care of myself all the way as well.

  13. I came in to the stories late and I feel like I hit the masturbating jackpot. Thank you Shon and thank you my friend for sharing your hidden treasures. Quick question though…where are my sexy neighbors who would curse me sexually? Damn..I would even settle for walking around naked. Back to reading and playing!

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