Oct 292007

“Hannah, are you awake?”

Hannah opened her eyes. A strand of her blond hair was lying in a curl in front of her. She felt a hand on her hip, and she thought it was the invisible touch she had experienced yesterday. It was when she felt Adam’s cock pressed against her ass that she realized it was her husband gripping her hip.

“I’m awake,” she lied. She was emotionally exhausted from last night. Tossing and turning, all she had dreamed about was Samuel, the odd curses she was under and how badly she wanted to get laid.

She felt Adam’s cock throb. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” Adam said. “I just wanted to fuck you.”

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Hannah was more awake now.

“Really?” she said.

He turned her over on her back and climbed on top of her. She looked at her husband in surprise. His hair was a mess, and his morning breath was atrocious. He sure as hell hadn’t taken a shower. This was so unlike him.

Especially that thick pulsing cock between his legs.

“What do you say?” Adam said. “Maybe it’s your hair, but I really just have to fuck you this morning.”

Hannah giggled. “Yes.”

He slid right in. Despite the highly sexual week Hannah had enjoyed, having a real cock enter her was like heaven. This was just what she wanted.

“Damn, you’re sexy,” Adam said. “I don’t know where I want to kiss you first.”

Hannah lifted one of her tits. “Right here,” she said.

He growled, and Hannah trembled. How long has it been since he growled for her instead of at her? She shivered as Adam dived on her tit. He bit far too hard, but that was OK. He hadn’t had this much passion for her tits since they were dating. Hannah decided he could have all of her tit he wanted.

Adam fucked her while he devoured her breasts. It was a slow, steady grind, and she dug her fingernails into his back. It had truly been far too long.

“We should do this more often,” Adam said.

“Yes!” Hannah agreed.

They fucked faster. He kicked off the sheets. She wrapped her arms and legs around her husband like she was never going to let him go.

“I want to fuck you all day long,” Adam said.

Hannah groaned.

“I want to fuck your brains out,” Adam said.

Hannah moaned.

“I never want to leave your hot pussy,” Adam said.

Hannah believed him.

She climaxed. She came, and it was so much better than masturbating. It was even better than the orgasms she had from her curses. It rocked her, shook her and made her fall into a million pieces and come back together.

And once she had her orgasm, Adam let go with his. He climaxed like an animal, yelling his pleasure as he released into his wife. Hannah’s heart raced as she heard his cry. It was a scream of victory and possession.

Adam smiled and kissed her. It was such a tender kiss, morning breath and all. After the kiss, he rolled off her and laughed.

“We should do that every morning,” he said.

“OK,” Hannah answered. She rolled over and cuddled with him.

“What got into you this morning?” she asked.

“I think I realized just how lucky I was to have you,” Adam said. “I mean, you’ve been pretty unhappy lately. The house is a mess, and at first, I thought that you were being lazy, but after thinking about it, I realized that it has been a long time since we’ve done anything together. We always end up doing my hobbies. Or we play Warcraft, which isn’t about us, it’s about that game. I mean, you and I got married because we wanted to be with each other, not because I was going to make my job my entire life and you were my housekeeper, right?”

Hannah purred and rubbed her face in her husband’s chest hair. “Damn right.”

“I guess it occurred to me this morning,” he continued, “that I was damn lucky to have a wife who wants to jump my body, and it was about damn time I took advantage of that. I know work has been making me too stressed for sex, but you know what? Fuck that shit. I like fucking you, and damn it, I’m going to fuck my wife no matter what happens at work. That work for you?”

“Yes!” Hannah said.

“I love you,” Adam said. “But I need to go to the bathroom. Will you be ready for round two when I get back?”

“Fuck, yes,” she said.

Adam went to the bathroom, and Hannah sat up in her bed. This was amazing! Adam did understand what was going on. He really did know what she had been going through. They could have a happy marriage, and she didn’t have to get her kicks from creepy neighbors who thought they knew Hannah better than her own husband.

Hannah glanced at her dresser and saw herself in the mirror. Her face was still glowing from her orgasm. She especially liked how red her cheeks were. Not to mention how her long brown hair was just a tousled just-fucked mess.

The strands were gone.

Hannah scrambled to her mirror to make sure. All of the colored strands were gone. Her hair was back to the original rich brown color. It was strange for Hannah to be looking at her normal hair again. It made her doubt that the last week had happened at all.

Was she finally free? Why were there only six curses?

Adam walked back in. He looked grumpy. “So what are your plans this morning?” he said.

“I thought we would make love,” she said, plopping back on the bed.

Adam rolled his eyes. “Maybe later. I haven’t even had breakfast yet, or taken a shower.”

He walked right past her nude body and changed into some slacks. “I was thinking about getting a few rounds of golf in this morning. Maybe you should clean the house, and when I get back, we can play some more Warcraft or something.”

Hannah nodded. She didn’t trust herself to talk. She understood what today’s curse had been. For one all-too-brief morning, she’d had the husband she wanted instead of the one she lived with.

Just as with her marriage, Hannah wished she’d known that she had a time limit before the sex died.

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  13 Responses to “Fiction: The Seven Curses of Hannah Part Eight”

  1. OMG – that is so sad. :(

  2. Eve- It is always so satisfying when the first comment is exactly my reaction when I finish a part.

  3. :( Meanie.

    Absolutely appropriate curse though and lovely done. You are just mean. :P

  4. Shon is not mean. He’s honest.

    And it is sad.

  5. Call it a playful meany, the type of boy who pulls on your hair and flips up your skirt but you still find yourself following him around the playground. :)

  6. I didn’t fall for it. Not even for a minute.

    I really like this story, Shon. :)

  7. I wasn’t surprised at all. Darn it.

  8. Oh my gosh, fanbase riot time Shon!

    That’s so cruel, I was betting it was a dream or it was Samuel disguised or something (that’d be a curious situation)
    But to experience what you long for most and to be tossed back to cold harsh reality is.. just..
    Well it is a curse i suppose, lol.
    And the strands are gone O.o

    Can we get next chapter like… tomorrow Tuesday pweeeease? :P


  9. damn you. i’m feeling all teary again. it’s a good thing i’m in a good relationship now, or *I’D* be the one calling down curses on YOU for filling me with so much sadness.

    seriously, though, you are doing a beautiful job. you must have undertaken some major research for this story, which is definitely more than a bit of masturbatory amusement. many thanks.

    and now i’m going to concentrate on how lucky i am and try to drive away that knot in my heart…

  10. How sad. :(

    I was really hoping that was the twist. Damn. Poor Hannah.

  11. i think i’m getting too cynical. i was wondering why hannah even started to believe that he had changed. i mean it would be nice but highly unlikely. hopefully she gets the resolve she needs to get off often and appropriately.

  12. Thanks everyone. Would you beleive that a large part of the research came from people like you, bloggers who talk about the unbelievable frustrations of their sex lives. My friends who are divorcing or have divorced tell me similar stories and they get really annoyed when I say things like “Oh yeah, I read about this same conversation today in two other blogs. You’re screwed.”

    It is so easy to be cruel to Hannah if it means real life Hannahs learn anything from it.

  13. Wow ~ By far the hardest one, and for me touches a sore spot

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