Oct 052007

“A recent survey of college students1 found that 76% of them cited oral sex as the #1 reason they did not complete an important assignment.

So college students, don’t drop out. College is the last place you will ever see that much action.”

1Von Madd Observation Satellite Results of October 3, 2007

  4 Responses to “Dr. Otto Von Madd Says:”

  1. ..sobs..no wonder I was always able to turn my assignments in. I was in the 24 percentile that wasn’t getting any oral sex, or giving it.

    WAIT! There is hope for me yet, I’m in grad school now. Oh..never mind, I am sure there is a different statistic for that. Dr. Von Madd you’d best be doing some more research for the graduate level of attendees.

  2. Musns- According to Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated, grad students have a 94% chance of being caught up in a bizarre sexual blackmail scheme for at least seven episodes before the author loses interest and never finishes the story.

    Selena- *meow*

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