Oct 182007

(M+(S-D)+E+A) * L=What Matters

M = Rhythmic Sexual Motion
S = Size of Penetrating Organ
D = Depth of Penetrated Area
E = Erotic Tension
A = Physical Attractiveness
L = Lubrication

  7 Responses to “Dr. Otto Von Madd Says:”

  1. E=MC2

    Size is relative… ;)

  2. Hence the S minus D. Though that might be better represented by a coefficent.

  3. Swoon – you’re so smart, Dr. Von Madd.

    I’m bad at math, but that equation adds up for me.


  4. Eve- Dr. Von Madd is always free to tutor math after hours under his desk.

  5. Oooh, is Dr. Von Madd’s belt buckle a secret device of some sort? I noticed it and truly think I shall go to bed fantasizing about what wonderful secrets are hidden in it.

  6. Musns- I have an alternative picture where Otto has a more normal belt and I am not sure about it. The belt he has now looks like it will start vibrating or destroying clothes at any moment. I’m not sure if it’s a distraction or if it looks cool.

  7. It looks cool, yet….it would probably distract his staff.

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