Oct 102007

Blogs that are run by happily married couples who want to brag about their sex life with each other elicits one reaction in me- Utter disbelief.

I mean, if you’re having wonderful brag worthy sex with your spouse five days a week, when the fuck would you have time to write about it? It is one thing if you are blogging with your spouse about the sexual things that interest you. I can understand that. They are partners and so they are doing this together. I just roll my eyes when all the blog is about is a catalog of the great sex these two people are allegedly having with each other. No fights, no issues, no highs and lows; just great sex scenes spliced together like a marriage gonzo tape.

So deep down, I always suspect that happily married couple sex blogs are actually written by really unhappily married couples who are clinging to the sex as a sign that they shouldn’t be as unhappy as they are feeling.

Here’s the guilty secret part so please don’t tell anyone. Ready? Pinky-swear? Okay, here it is-

When the happily married couple sex blog closes down and announces they are getting a divorce, I always smile and nod my head in a smug manner because it just satisfies my suspicions. Every time.

I feel so much better for saying that. Now I don’t feel the need to tell you what I think about ________.

  11 Responses to “Blog-Secret”

  1. I have absolutely no clue what you are talking about, but it is interesting to see what is presented verses what is really happening.

  2. I would provide a link but then that would just make me an ass. Or more of an ass, I’m not sure.

  3. Oh, I don’t need to know who it is. I’ll stumble on it randomly some day, or I won’t. I go where the winds blow me. :)

  4. That reminds me, T’sade. Do you have an e-mail I could reach you with? I realized the other day I didn’t have one for you. You can send it to shonrichards at yahoo.

  5. Just ignore those blogs and be on your merry way?
    Much better energy spent on checking out things you like, rather than dislike to be honest :)

    speaking of which (things i like) your T.N.A heroine story is awesome, never fail to impress me on how wacky your imagination is, especially with the games they had to go through, lol. Had a good laugh, enjoyed it.

    Just one question, who was Kiko an imitation of?
    Just wondering ^^


  6. Mystique- You know, when it comes to sex I always read the stuff I don’t like because I need to understand why it rubs me the wrong way, and why someone else thought it was sexy. I don’t stalk those blogs, but I make them part of my monthly reading just to see if they still rub me the wrong way and what I can learn from them.

    As for Kiko, she wasn’t an imitation of anyone in specific as she was a parody of the personality types that frequented damsel in distress stories. She had too large breasts to be an effective hero or Ninja, she was Asian because Asians were cool even though she was an American girl, and she had a sex drive that could hump an army because so many of those characters were uptight prudes. Physically she resembled the Marvel character Psylocke because she was one of the cheesecake flavors of the time period, which is something I tried to get away from in later stories.

    After awhile she started to take on a life of her own. There are bits of my friends in her, especially when it comes to her father issues. Kiko was a nice escapist character that let me vent some of my frustrations with erotica at the time.

  7. way to be honest! ;)

  8. just goes to show your human and not just a writing persona (phhhttt)

  9. Thank you for restoring my faith in honesty.

  10. Your post is a good reminder that so many of the blogs we read are bogus. We may not think so, we may be convinced they are real and that the person(s) writing are legit and telling their true life stories. Sometimes, they are not. They are simply good story tellers, in which case they are wasting their efforts and energy on an elaboration when they should just be writing.

    Anyway, being a New Yorker I deny no-one their smugness. :)


  11. Selena- Honesty is good for the soul.

    Musns- Curses, you’re on to me.

    neerja- Erotiterrorist: Faith Restoring since 2005.

    Eve-These days I assume that all blogs I read are fiction. It helps my smugness a lot.

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