Sep 262007

Be my personal whore,
paid for with affection and care.
Let me debase you,
Let me shame you,
Let me hurt you,
Let me ravish,
Let me fuck,
Let me use,
Let me,
my personal whore.

  9 Responses to “Whorish Wish”

  1. Okay.

    (Lovely poem, by the way.)

  2. Can I shove t’sade out of the lineup, so I can be first? Please?

  3. Musns- That gave me a nice big smile this morning :)

  4. Wow. Yes…..please do.

  5. Who says you have to shove me out of the way, can’t he have more than one at a time? But, if you insist, please, go right ahead and enjoy. I’ll join in later or just enjoy the seconds. :D

  6. You guys crack me up.

  7. Okay, okay. I concede, I’m standing next to t’sade in line…trying to bump her back so I can still be ‘first’ whist still being at the same time!

    Woo Hoo!

  8. woops, or him – as I have no idea who t’sade is. (phht on me0

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