Sep 182007

My wife had a hard day at work so she did what every geek girl does, she drowned her sorrows with a bag of new videogames. She bought three RPG’s, which for you non-nerds means she bought three games about guys with spikey hair who have to save the world while never sealing the deal with the love of their life.

“What no games for me?” I said.

“One of the games has an Art-deco look,” my wife offers.

I sighed. “No, I mean a game for me like say, Librarian Beach VolleyBall Tournament.”

She snorted. “That doesn’t even make sense.”

“Sure it does,” I said. “Hot sexy librarians have returned from their summer break for a new school year. But first they must determine who gets to be head librarian by engaging in a kick ass beach volleyball tournament.”

“Why would they play beach volleyball to determine who is the head librarian?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” I said. “Beach Volleyball combines fitness, bikini fashion sense, an understanding of physics as well as lots of bouncing jiggling body parts.”

She looked at me. “That sounds like fun actually.”

  7 Responses to “Videogames I Would Play”

  1. Heh, sounds like fun, but I’m a RPG fanatic. Of course, I’m not allowed to buy anymore until I finished the four I have or started. And finish some projects I started.

    But, a librarian volleyball game would be interesting.

  2. My husband is the local crack dealer. Or rather, mmorpg dealer. A friend of his got him into the beta for Tabula Rasa. And the the dealing starts amongst all our friends.

    It starts with a “Check out the cinematics on this baby!” to “It’s a mmorpg combined with a first person shooter concept” and then you get the response, “Hey, can I give that a spin” all the way to, I’m cancelling my WoW acct and this is my new love!

    Sorry I digress – kudos to the wife for taking care of her stressed out needs!

  3. t’sade- I love simulation games myself though I can’t stand army management. Doesn’t leave much for me some days.

    Musns- They actually have Rasa running? Wow, that game has been in devolpment longer than I can remember.

  4. Don’t know about librarians, but ‘Dead or Alive: Beach volleyball’ does exist. (sadly)
    Although to my amusement it’s not very often you get grown men dicussing which different types of make up to buy and which colour works well for their girls :P

    And RPG’s rule, we have some where love interested are requited (final fantasy 10)
    .. And i’m gonna stop there before you get me started on my fangirlism :P


  5. What about their glasses? How can they play volleyball with glasses? Just curious…

  6. Mystique- Let me tell you about Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball, that is one relaxing game. Plug it in, play an easy volleyball game, swap swimsuits and go play the casino games. Yes, there is some rather cheesy softcore action going on, but as a game it redefined what games should do for me. They should be easy going vacations.

    But yes, it was kind of funny to watch my male friends debate what color makeup works best for making Tina your friend.

    Bella- Knocking off the glasses of another librarian would be a special move that earns you mocking points.

  7. Nice! “Knocking off the glasses of another librarian would be a special move that earns you mocking points.”

    TR is due for release mid October. Still some bugs though.

    And you are your own crack dealer. Ninja Burger is a huge hit with our group of friends.

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