Sep 172007

Click on the picture for the full beautiful glory. Rich Larson drew this for me at Dragon*con and I was in a pretty giddy mood for the next four days. When it comes to commissioned art I prefer to be as minimal as possible with my request so the artist can do what they like with it. My requests sometimes come off like haiku.

Draw mad scientist
Building sexy robot girl
Add a goatee please.

I also bought just about everything he had for sale at his desk and spent a pleasant few minutes embarrassing him with my praise.

It is not quite how I envision Otto, but that’s good. It gets me into the Otto headspace. I really like the sweet expression on the fembot. It makes me want to see if I can recreate that in a story.

  5 Responses to “Rich Larson Comission”

  1. That is absolutely adorable.

  2. What a fantastic picture! Love that the box says ‘Girl Parts. Acme’ on it :)

    He strikes me as an older Otto, perhaps. Otto in 20 years?

    xx Dee

  3. I LOVE the picture! The artist deserved your praise.

  4. delicious. wildly, gleefully delicious. i can’t wait for the story it illustrates.

  5. Did you consider adding “make him resemble me” to your haiku? That’s just never going to be your hair. Although the pic is awesome.

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