Sep 112007

I’m three pages into my Halloween story and I am reminded of an old military saying: “No plan survives contact with the enemy.” Well I am thinking that no story survives the first pages either.

When I put a story together in my head, I have a very plot oriented mindset. I picture like a movie when I am creating the story. When I sit down to write though, I have to funnel all of that into one voice, one narrative and most of the time, one point of view. It goes from movie to personal journal. That’s okay because that is the kind of stories I like to read, but there is always this transition phase. It is one thing to plan terrible sexy things to have happen to a character, it’s a whole other beast to sit down and interpret how the character will respond and receive these terrible sexy things.

  2 Responses to “First Fiction Contact”

  1. I simply love that you’re writing about “terrible sexy things”. Gives me shivers.


  2. Finally got down to replying to the ‘pretty girls and writing advice post’, pardon my absence, but many thanks for the advice ^^

    “Real relationships are hard, messy and anxiety inducing. I love the ideal of a sexual relationship but the reality of it fills me with dread.”

    You said “Erotica is something I study, craft and improve on.”

    Do you think that’s because you have control on your progression on developing this more than anyone can have on the progession on a relationship?
    (Since it involves trusting another and there are more external influences that can change things rapdily beyond a person’s control, than managing your own personal craft)

    Just a thought that passed by…


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