Sep 282007

The hot shower spray leaped onto Katie’s skin like an eager lover. She moaned as the cleansing water covered her body. After a long day of designing, testing and using the latest sex toy technology, the complimentary shower bay was the best part about working at the Von Madd laboratories.

At first it had been a little difficult to get used to the open shower bay. There were no stalls which meant there was no room for modesty. At the end of every work day, Katie showered next to her fellow coworkers. Every day she saw them remove their white lab coats, take off their glasses and shed their apparel to share soap and water. Katie stood under the hot water trying not to think which of her coworkers is checking her body out today. As for herself, she was sneaking glances at Jenny Grove, a graduate from Califorina Tech. Jenny had the tightest ass Katie had ever seen and sometimes she just liked to watch the soap bubbles collect at the crack of Jenny’s ass.

At least the shower bay wasn’t co-ed, which honestly surprised Katie a bit. Oh well. Maybe even her boss, Otto Von Madd, realized that to get really clean and relax, you needed one place where sex wasn’t expected. As Katie lathered up, her thoughts drifted to which of the staff she wouldn’t mind dropping some soap in front of.

Katie had just covered her heavy breasts in thick soap when she noticed once again the purple tile in the shower wall. As she reached under one of her breasts to soap it up, she noticed that the purple tile was a little translucent. Was there a light behind it?

“Hey Jenny,” Katie said. “Do you know if there is a light in the wall?”

Jenny had a smooth fit leg balanced on the temperature control. “Oh, that’s probably the camera light.”

Katie froze in mid breast wash. “What?”

“Oh yeah,” Jenny said. “Didn’t you know? All of the showers have cameras installed. There is a live feed that goes somewhere and gets processed. The animatronics department uses the footage to watch human movement, the pornography department uses it for raw material, somewhere in Russia we are a pay-per-view channel, and I heard a rumor that some military bases in Iraq have a constant live feed as some sort of USO project.”

“Holy shit,” Katie said. Under the warm pulses of the shower head, Katie felt very naked. “And these are on every time we shower?”

Jenny giggled and applied soap to her out stretched leg very slowly. “I swear Katie, you should really read the conditions of your contract.”

Katie had this urge to run back to the locker room but something stopped her. “Do you think Dr. Von Madd watches these cameras?”

Jenny smiled. “Wouldn’t you?”

Katie thought about it. After a good ten seconds, Katie very slowly, and very meticulously, gave her pussy a very thorough cleaning.

  5 Responses to “Fiction: Clean Out”

  1. Everyone wants Otto. :)

  2. T’sade- I sometimes toy with the idea of a story with someone not as Otto-worshipping as Katie. It could just as easily be one long psychological paranoid creepfest if the employee didn’t want Otto.

  3. Actually, I find the Otto stories to be very enjoyable, playful and teasing. Too many of my stories end up toward the darker things and I really enjoy the playful through Otto’s lab.

    So, don’t change a thing and just keep having fun.

  4. t’sade- Oh no worry of that. I realized a few weeks ago that the playful tone of Otto’s stories do too much to keep me playful to tamper with them any.

  5. Worried me there for a second. :) I have a curse of getting too dark with my stories unless someone pulls me into something cheerful. So, it was the first thing that came to mind.

    Carry on, I have a pirate queen to go tie up.

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