Sep 212007

“Do your part to stop global warming, eat more pussy!”1

1 The science is complicated on this but trust me, it works. Perform more cunnilingus today.

  7 Responses to “Dr. Otto Von Madd Says:”

  1. I love Otto.

    I’m sure he’s done all the research necessary to support his findings. However, it is always good to go back and retest. I do believe the scientific process demands it.

  2. Tess- Otto would completely agree with you and pencil you in for 11am.

  3. Control group…there is a pun in that I believe.

  4. Musns- Man, that would make a good title for a story. I am stealing it . . .now.

  5. Must… obey… Otto. So, gonna eat some pussy, BRB.

  6. t’sade- Damn, left the hypno-buckle on again.

  7. what is the MDPR? (minimum daily pussy requirement) how much cunt must each person who is so inclined eat to stop the melting of the polar ice caps? has Otto discussed this with Al Gore?

    clearly, we women must all be prepared to spread our legs for the sake of the environment.

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