Sep 102007

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  8 Responses to “Don’t We All Have Needs?”

  1. Against the wall. That just made me wet.

    Glad to see you have 1st cousin under forbidden. My first cousin wants me to initiate her to sapphic pleasure, to which I say NO FUCKING WAY. I, too, have limits and anything that gets me into a Jerry Springer episode titled Kissing (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg) Cousins is O.U.T.

  2. Tess- I was half heartedly kicking this idea around in my head till I thought of the cousin entry. Then I knew I had to fill out the whole diagram.

  3. Robots! Excellent – glad they’re not in the forbidden category.

    And you know, I think Von Madd could enslave the earth – I certainly wouldn’t mind. Are you sure it has to be forbidden?

    xx Dee

  4. Curvaceous- I suspect that the reason Enslaving the Earth is forbidden is more of a family matter for the Von Madds. Like most families have a rule about no policits at the dinner table or don’t bring up Aunt Mary’s mole; the Von Madd’s have rules about Earth Conquering and No Time Traveling.

  5. does that mean that any of the rest of us can enslave the earth? i really really want to. i’ll let otto do whatever he wants if i get to be supreme earthly submissive girl.

  6. Red velvet- I’m trying to picture what Supreme Earthly Submissive Girl would be like. The whole world needs to bow down and spank her? :)

  7. Radiation?!!?

    My family was weird; the unwritten law was no dinner (or any other meal) WITHOUT a political discussion!

    As for Supreme Earthly Submissive Girl, visiting dignitaries bring offerings of highly ornate clothespins, carved and/or painted in traditional folk manner, which they then place wherever they wish. Ambassadors from countries with Most Favored Dominant Nation status get to flog them off.

  8. i like oatmeal’s suggestion but i guess the spanking would have to be coordinated with the First Dominant as i guess He would be called. i’m sure He’d be happy to oblige though.

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