Aug 272007

When I first started the blog I intended it to be a place where I wrote, or I listed the reason why I wasn’t writing. It was meant to be either be a showcase of my talent or my shame. Lately it has been all shame.

This weekend was nuts as I worked back to back twelve hour days. I am terribly proud of the amount of work I got done but that doesn’t make for good porn. Trust me, not even I can make my job sexy. I lost an entire weekend to work, and as annoyed as I am with my loss of free time, I am far more annoyed at my lack of porn production. I feel cheated. I feel like less of a man.

Which is funny because I actually did get some writing in. I got up early Saturday morning before the rest of the house woke up and did a few more pages for a story I think will be ready Wednesday. I can’t get over the comparisons writing sometimes has to an affair; you get your best work done when no one knows you’re doing it. I did a lot of work on the story but because I didn’t finish it, I feel like what I accomplished was very little.

Maybe it also bothers me because I had to turn down two potential dates just for sheer lack of time. Last week I had a friend unexpectedly drop into town because of a layover, and instead of spending any time with her I had to decline because damn it, this mid-month reports don’t write themselves. I can’t remember the last time I spanked someone, much less took pictures of them. Oh wait, yes I do. It was during a lunch break, on a busy work day. Wow, I had a whole hour!

Work *should* get better after this week but after two months of this high intensity workload, five more days just seems too far away. I am pooped.

  4 Responses to “Whiney Work Post”

  1. Doesn’t that suck? Last year, for almost the entire year, I had lots of time to do roleplaying (I
    Then, the end of the year came and my workload basically tripled. It hasn’t let off and I basically have no time to do more than chat or just tease. And my writing… way down, but that is partially because I’ve focused on non-erotic writing (*gasp* I know, the horror).

    But, things work out in the end and I do enjoy the posts you do have a chance to make.

  2. i feel your pain entirely too much, hope it gets better soon

  3. Still here, waiting patiently.

  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words. It is really nice to know that others are patient with me when I have run out of patience for myself :)

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